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Category: Travel

13 Jun

Cafes & Restaurants to visit in Taiwan

From street food in Taiwan, let's take it indoors to a few places that I would recommend for you guys to enjoy and that as a tourists, you probably wouldn't head to. 1. Long Time Ago Cafe  Entrance of Long Time Ago Cafe A place that tourists can never find because it's on a side street between office buildings Outside sitting area If you like the entrance already, you would love the inside! Love the decor It's a very artsy cafe with a partition that looks like bookshelves dividing a small room inside with where we were sitting They serve western food, so you can head there after waking up and if you don't feel like...
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26 Apr

Touring on Halong Bay

As a continuation from my previous post HERE, the other plus point for signing up for a 2 Day 1 night cruise on Halong Bay or better still the 3 days 2 nights is that they will really bring you to tour the sights of Halong Bay. You truly get to enjoy the beauty of the bay through the tour. Upon check-in and lunch, we headed to a water village where got to see how the locals lead their lives WITHOUT electricity and water, merely surviving on what they catch and things that they needed would take a minimum of 2 hours to get as they needed to travel the distance to the mainland. We were rowed on a "sampan" for an...
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20 Apr

Cruising on Halong Bay

As mentioned in my previous post on Hanoi HERE , I will definitely like to share my experience of Halong Bay with you guys because it's a recently declared 7 natural wonders of the world, and I just want you guys to go there before it gets too touristy! Before we went, I actually looked into the cruises to take on Halong Bay as many mentioned it would be a long ride from Hanoi and boy, it was (4 whole hours)! So, we decided to take the 2 day 1 night cruise on Halong bay on a luxurious cruise rather than the one day trip on an open air "sampan"(wooden boat). I was sooooooo glad I made that decision to get...
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12 Apr

TAP by Seeties – Sponsorships & Invites to parties?

When you travel free and easy, what's the thing most of us do before going into another country? Read reviews on where to eat and what to do right, through blogs mostly. What if you can find all of these bloggers on one platform? That's what Seeties is all about, a single platform where all the bloggers are located to share with you the local food stalls, where to hike, where to party,etc, and it's available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore most active digital users use Seeties to share and discover the best things happening in their cities and abroad!!! Like when I travel to Japan, Vietnam,etc., you can read about my recommendation not only here but on Seeties.me or...
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5 Apr

Hanoi: Top Hotels and Spa comparison

One to travel in comfort, one of the things I won't stinge on is accommodation! When I do my research on hotels to travel too, some of my criteria would be: - Location - English proficiency of Staff located at hotel -Cleanliness -Amenities(if I decide to stay in and chill at the hotel) -Reviews on TripAdvisor -Pricing For Hanoi, I chose the two best hotels to stay at and want to share it with you, especially those going soon or planning to head there. Lotte Hotel Hanoi Recently opened September 2014, it stays true to it's review stating it's luxurious and 5 star rated. When you arrive, there will be bellboys carrying your bag up and greeted happily at the reception! You already feel welcomed! Huge and impressive lobby as...
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29 Mar

Why I won’t go back to Hanoi?

I've expressed that I will be focusing alot more on myself this year, and that for one includes traveling because I just love to explore the world and it's different culture. Writing and sharing wanderlusting pictures with you guys is one thing BUT when it comes to  being real, I am as real as it gets.. no honey coating, just honest truth based on what I have experienced. For those who are wanting to travel to Vietnam, Hanoi in particular, I encourage you to read this first before heading there OR it may change your mind.. not too sure, you can be the judge :) Before I went to Vietnam, Halong Bay was raved about to me and of course the food...
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