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About Me

Choo Mei Sze is a PhD candidate in Developmental Psychology from the US started out with a dream to raise awareness on the issues pertaining to youth through the media since coming back to Malaysia.

Since coming back to her home country of Kuala Lumpur, she has gone on to work in the entertainment industry as a host, emcee, and done voice over’s for major brands. She is the voice over for cartoon character Lisa on AstroTutor TV, hosted Nova(an IT travelogue) on RTM2, was an anchor in training on NTV7 News, and have hosted many webseries.  The multi-faceted Mei Sze also writes a column for MYC magazine, The Sun Daily- Gear Up and KL Lifestyle Magazine. In addition, she has graced the covers of notable Malaysian magazines and conducted interviews with the press, both as an up-and-coming personality and a face to watch in the industry.

After she hosted a reality webseries called The Influencer, and successfully defended her dissertation proposal, she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The fighting spirit in her led her to battle cancer, and she won. She has since shared her story on her blog, and her story has reached millions of people around the world resulting in a recent appointed as the Youth Ambassador for the National Cancer society of Malaysia because of her advocacy for cancer awareness for youths. She found this calling during her battle, and one of the challenges she faced was not finding someone in her age group she could speak too which made her feel alone during her challenge.

On top of working as a host, speaker, and emcee, she continuously advocates cancer awareness especially amongst youths through talks she gives, and youth support groups in collaboration with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia on a monthly basis. She has also created a #sharestrength movement to highlighting inspirational stories of individuals who have shown strength in their battle. At the moment, she’s hosting a show called ‘Än Awakening” in collaboration with Axa Affin Life Berhad which showcases amazing stories of cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers.

Some of the shows/ events she recently hosted include:

  1. A webseries An Awakening (ongoing) with Axa Affin Life Berhad
  2. A reality webseries The Influencer
  3. A webseries Create-It-Yourself with Nippon Paint (An interior design show)
  4. Kipling Summer/Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Launch
  5. Intel Internet of Things Business connection conference 2014, 2015 & 2016
  6. Merck Win Your Day campaign Launch 2016
  7. The 21 Day Mission Launch by Mission Foods Malaysia 2016
  8. Vietjet Inaugural launch in Malaysia & Press Conference 2016
  9. Lenovo Nutanix Winning IT conference 2016
  10. Greyhound Café Launch in Malaysia 2016
  11. Samsung Galaxy A series Launch 2016
  12. Olympus Pen F launch 2016
  13. Dell Appreciation & Chinese New YearDinner 2016
  14. Longchamp Fall/Winter 2015 Collection Launch
  15. VMWare V Forum 2014 & 2015