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20 Feb

Challenges faced starting a Youth support group for cancer patients and survivors in Malaysia

Many of you who have been following my social media feed know about my passion to raise cancer awareness and I've been doing it through the National Cancer society of Malaysia. Recently, I've started a youth support group for cancer patients, and survivors from the age of 15 to 35 since the third quarter of 2016. One of the main reasons I wanted to start it was because while I was experiencing cancer, I felt very alone in the journey while wearing a colostomy bag and wanted someone in my age group I could speak to. However, I couldn't find anyone as most of the people wearing a colostomy bag were mostly 60 and above. That was when google became my best...
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10 Feb

Improving our skin through traditional herbs – Yehwadam

Happy Chinese New Year to all celebrating! Hope all of you had a good break and tons of festive celebration and food. As for me, I have been stuffing myself silly, and giving out the red packets ( ang pow) for the first time in my life as I am a newlywed :) During this time, I have also been experimenting a little with my some traditional beauty products which consists of three main ingredients - herbs, plants, and flowers (Yewahdam). I've always wondered how the Korean women have such smooth and fair skin, and even started applying masks three times a week which did improve my skin tone and texture. However, I am STILL trying to achieve that dewy, vibrant...
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28 Jan

First Episode: A new Norm – Understanding

Words cannot describe how I feel right now as this post is the THE launch post for my web series. It took me 6 months to write about my experience with the Big-C, and 1.5 years to take the guts to share it publicly in person, details I have never shared before. In conjunction with World Cancer Day on February 4th, this web series  along with my #sharestrength movementsis launched in partnership with Suppagood collective Why the #sharestrength movement and what is it? It is basically a movement I started a couple of months back after seeing the overwhelming response from all around the world (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and even the United States) after I shared my story. Thanks to your feedbacks, comments,...
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12 Jan

CNY Lookbook – Red series

Can't believe it!! Not only is it 2016, but Chinese New Year is already creeping up in a month's time. This year, I want to do something different with my blog as well as it's a new year. Besides the inspirational, and health related posts I will continue to write to share with all of you and my travel posts, many of you always ask questions like "Where did you get that dress from?", so, I am going to TRY to do a lookbook post at least once a month! To be honest, I am really excited about it as this is my first one, and I do hope to continue to share my style with you guys too :) I call...
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31 Aug

Merdeka 58th – Proud to be Malaysian

First off, Happy 58th Merdeka!!!!!!!! Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka Ke-58!!!! The events of the past few days especially have spurred me to write this in English and Malay because I am Malaysian. Even in the States, I don't tell people I am chinese, but rather Malaysian. Ini kali pertama saya menulis Bahasa Melayu dalam blog saya. Oleh itu, saya minta maaf dulu jika tersilap kata. Perkara yang berlaku pada beberapa hari ini memberi motivasi kepada saya untuk menulis "post" ini kerana identiti saya di Amerika Syarikat di mana saya pernah tinggal, dan di Malaysia adalah seorang bangsa Malaysia bukan seorang Cina. So, what am I talking about? #Bersih 4 gave me renewed hope in Malaysia because of the people that came together to...
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2 Aug

#ShareStrength Project – Finding the right Doctor

I've been meaning to start this project for quite some time now, but with a little push from my managing team and the right idea, I am finally starting it off!!!!!!!!! This idea actually came about with all of your support in my daily writings especially about my Big-C experiences, and how some of your heartfelt messages on how the posts inspired or motivated you spurred this project on. The final push came when two readers seek my advice on colon related doctors AND I manage to convince one to seek medical help instead of doing nothing...
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22 Apr

What wearing heels mean to me – The High Heel Dash Malaysia

Many women wear high heels to "oomph" up their outfits, or for some, to make them look taller and to boost confidence because a pair of heels can actually switch an outfit from day to night. Now, imagine my dismay when my surgeon told me 2 weeks after surgery, you probably can't wear high heels for one month and it's best to NOT go to your event(a fashion event I really wanted to go too) if you are going to wear heels. I was clearly really upset because it was just this one event that I really wanted to go too, and I had the perfect dress in mind but not wearing heels will make it just look "bleh", if you...
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29 Sep

Why I keep going back to Pangkor Laut Resort

Everyone's always asking me "Why do you always go back to Pangkor Laut resort when you can spend the money elsewhere?!" My answer is the below besides the fact that it's affordable through the Resident package which includes 3 days 2 nights stay plus 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts and ferry transport for two people! 1. Attentive service and awesome room which is huge From the start when you arrive at the registration at Marina Island, you would be treated very well with drinks and tidbits served while you are waiting The room itself is HUGE and spans all the way to the back with two separate washing area and a huge tub which can fit two people..I love lazing around in the...
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