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22 Jul

The Taboo called ‘cancer’

Recent events have encouraged me to write this post because of the challenges I've been facing due to cultural taboos. I did think more than twice on how I should write this, and whether I should or not. My intuition tells me I should and here I am writing this for those who have friends or family who is currently having cancer at a young age. I believe I have mentioned in my interviews with publications and newspapers that I felt very ALONE while I was wearing the colostomy bag, and even during recovery. I've searched online countless times for a support group in Malaysia because I wanted to speak to someone MY age who was going through this. However, most...
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16 Oct

What disease may be a silent killer?

Being a health advocate, I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle (or I would like to think), such as eating right (more fruits and vegetables, hardly any red meat or oily food), exercising and trying to reduce stress. Even prior to having cancer, I lead this type of lifestyle except less exercising and I was sometimes overwhelmed with stress. Although cancer came as a shocker, and I started changing my lifestyle after to prevent a relapse, my mom throughout the entire time for the past 10 years has been living with Type 2 Diabetes. When we first found out, all of us tried to encourage her to change her habits especially eating less carbohydrates and sweet things. However, as the years went...
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27 Apr

Cancer drains everyone and everything!

Cancer drains everyone and everything! When I first met Staci after correspondence between the both of us for 2 months, she gave me a smile, and she was so cheerful. Standing in front of me was a 25 year old colorectal cancer PATIENT that showed no sign that she was undergoing chemotherapy, and recently underwent a major surgery to remove parts of her colon(a colectomy surgery). I was so thankful for her sharing her story, and joining the #sharestrength movement by writing about her story in her own blog upon being diagnosed. Not only that, she agreed to be a part of the second series of Ä New Norm, now called the Awakening! She was so cheerful, and sharing about her...
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28 Mar

To Stand up to cancer with confidence

When someone is stricken with the Big-C, many people will start having negative thoughts, and emotions leading to a weaker physical state as well. And, that’s exactly what a Big-C patient shouldn’t do, wallow in self-pity, or feel afraid but to face it with confidence. Basically, staring at it in the face, and say ‘Bring it On’, I am going to overcome this and come out the other side stronger, and that’s what I practiced from the start. I believe many cancer patients like myself faced not only the emotional, and mental anguish BUT the financial bit too because cancer treatment and surgery is very expensive!!!! If you read, you guys would know what I went through HERE in terms...
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21 Mar

Skin Treatments with and without lasers

Many girls have thought of doing laser on their skins, especially those with unever skin due to acne, or marks like me. I have tried it once, and it definitely improved my skin, but I had so many questions before actually proceeding with it. So, I have broken down the lasers into two different types for you guys to understand a little more. Lasers Used to Treat Skin Issues If you choose to undergo some sort of laser treatment, you'll be glad to know that all of them are far less invasive and time consuming than surgical procedures. In fact, you can be in and out of most laser treatment procedures in less than 60 minutes and get back to regular activities...
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14 Mar

Sports Lookbook : From fitness to casual

Before the Big-C, exercising to me was a HUGE chore, and I would be rather annoyed with my dad when he forces me to walk or run under the HOT sun with my dog. At that point of time, I did it for my dog, rather than for myself. After the Big-C, to train, and gain muscle back, I started walking little by little in the park, followed with walking my dog, to jogging, and now I am swimmimg, and joined the gym too Curves , an all women's fitness center. Naturally, I would need the proper attired for jogging, and gym too right? So, here's my sports lookbook from Under Armour guys! Since I love blue so much, I got a matching blue...
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9 Mar

GIVEAWAY : How to save my drying skin?

I recently came back from Maldives and due to the scorching sun, and drying sea water, my skin started peeling!!!! What more, after arriving back in KL, I had to host two events immediately, and had to put make-up which means more chemicals to my skin!!! I usually hydrate my skin with MORE than 8 glasses of waters a day, fruits, and moisturizer but it didn't help! How can I leave the Maldivian sun right? So, I found out how important having the right moisturiser is and the good thing is I found Cetaphil which is a skincare organisation that delivers quality skincare solutions. Cetaphil has over 60 years of proven success, and the brand is the recommended choice by dermatologists around...
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11 Feb

Episode 3 : A New Norm – Weathering

The first major hurdle for me was the colostomy bag, but I have never shared about what it felt like after my second surgery. That's a whole new challenge altogether. To explain in a little more detail, I had more problems because I had most of my rectum removed out. If it's just my colon, it wouldn't be so bad as the rectum is where we store waste in our bodies. So, it's basically learning and re-training a whole new part of my body once again. That's what episode 3 is about, weathering through my second surgery. Do let me know your thoughts, or if you have a similar experience, I want to hear about it because I still feel ALONE...
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