Exactly what the title means, why would you take a chance with your life? As women, we believe in stereotypes that we are caregivers, and nurturers which make us think of others around us more than ourselves. That is the reason why the term ‘Superwoman’ exists because they can work full day, yet come home to care for their children, sometimes parents, cook and even clean. There have been so many times we, as females neglect ourselves from how we look to a major thing we always overlook, our HEALTH! Did you know that every day, six new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in Malaysia? It is also the second most common cancer amongst females in Malaysia. Many of you are probably asking what causes cervical cancer right?

The answer which we are all aware about is simple – various strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted infection BUT this can easily be prevented! How you may ask? Through two simple things which are going for regular pap smears AND vaccination . Find out more HERE.  Today, vaccination can help prevent up to 90 percent of cervical cancer cases!

Through the It’s Your Life, Why Take A Chance campaign to raise awareness about cervical cancer, I’ve come to meet amazing women in the field who are trying their best to educate women on the simplest thing which is that early detection can save lives! I know this because if I didn’t detect my cancer in the first two stages, I would have been living with a colostomy bag all my life because the tumour might have grown too big and require complete rectum removal. 

I completely admire Michelle, a cervical cancer survivor. On the day of the event, she shared her story for the first time. She told us about her struggles during her treatment, how painful it was, and how she made a decision to stand up and live for her son. She is now cancer free for the past 7 years and advocates for cervical cancer awareness!

Someone like me can talk about it, and write about it, and all of you can read about it, but only when YOU start caring for yourself and going for your regular pap smears, and get the HPV vaccination, only that counts.  For all the men, remind your wife or girlfriend to go for their pap smears, and for all the women out there, set reminders, and if you have not gone for a vaccination, set an appointment to do it. Taking ACTION is the first step.

You don’t want to wait till something happens unexpectedly because dealing with the treatment is more difficult. We always say we are busy with work, children, etc., but how can we stay active if we don’t take care of our health? And for those who think vaccinations are expensive, sacrifice that dress for your vaccination, or that bag. The price of treatment can be much more costly.

Remember, early detection starts with YOU, because it’s Your life, click HERE to start NOW!

Always empowering,

Mei Sze