Fitness has been a huge part of my life after the Big-C, and I can safely say I am stronger because of it. After my surgeries, not only did I lose my core strength, but my entire body was very weak because I lacked nutrients due to the colostomy bag.

During the first year, walking was all I could do and Tenji helped me with that. Due to the fact I had to walk her, I was able to gain stamina. Then after my first year, I transition to jogging with her, and by the second year running.

At first, I only did cardio form of exercises such as running. I realize I wasn’t gaining strength or putting on weight.

Then after that, I slowly started on high intensive interval training such as flycycle or Hiit2fit. Fun instructor led group classes which gave me the motivation to do more.

With increased stamina, I realized that I could do HIIT classes and was pleasantly surprised by it. Honestly, I thought I couldn’t last through one class, but the more I did it, the easier it got. 

Then, I started challenging myself more. What became once a week of workout became twice, and now it’s a four times a week.

What types of exercises? It’s a combination of classes and home workouts

Liquid cage(boxing) is something that I find fun

Or working out with your friends is a motivation too

I am blessed to stay in a condominium so I will watch youtube videos such as Hasfit, Fitness Blender, popsugar fitness(more for girls)  and workout myself in the gym. There is more but you can find one that’s suitable for you.

What I am trying to get at is this.. many of us have excuses not to be fit or even move our bodies. I am detailing my journey with fitness here because I previously had cancer, and can now lift 15 pound weights on each arm through exercising. I have heard two ends of the spectrum from cancer survivors.

  1. The first kind always say that they had cancer and can’t exercise, and I know that’s an excuse because
  2. It’s the second kind that motivates me to be stronger. These kinds of survivors and patients too tell me that their doctor tells them that them keeping fit is keeping their symptoms at a minimal

Which kind do you want to be? To feel the symptoms or keep the cancer at bay? I would choose the latter. And the same goes for those who procrastinate or refuse to workout or even move. It can be the simplest thing such as brisk walking or taking the staircase instead of the elevator.

There are days when I don’t want to exercise, but it’s the changes in my body I see that always reminds me to get up and start! Through weight training and my exercises, I eat more now, and manage to put on weight!!

Or even stretching exercises

The most important is to get the blood flowing, and oxygen into our lungs 🙂 Start by doing something that YOU will find fun. For me, it was group classes that had great music, what’s yours?

Always sharing,

Mei Sze