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20 Feb

Challenges faced starting a Youth support group for cancer patients and survivors in Malaysia

Many of you who have been following my social media feed know about my passion to raise cancer awareness and I've been doing it through the National Cancer society of Malaysia. Recently, I've started a youth support group for cancer patients, and survivors from the age of 15 to 35 since the third quarter of 2016. One of the main reasons I wanted to start it was because while I was experiencing cancer, I felt very alone in the journey while wearing a colostomy bag and wanted someone in my age group I could speak to. However, I couldn't find anyone as most of the people wearing a colostomy bag were mostly 60 and above. That was when google became my best...
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29 Oct

My wedding highlights and theme

Finally, I've managed to squeeze in time to write my second and final post for my  wedding  because we know how wedding planning is a pain right?! Putting this together put a smile on my face because it was a truly memorable day, because of the fun, and it turned out how I envisioned it. For a fuss free gal like me, I wanted many of my personal touches during my wedding day which resulted in me having a theme and guess what it was?!? *Dramatic pause* First of all, HEALTHY was the theme, and BLUE AND WHITE for the dress code...
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26 Sep

Time to make your life sweeter!

Have you ever had that experience where you receive your credit card bill and your mouth drops open? Well, that just happened to me… I was left wondering how I spent so much money in a month?!?!? I always pride myself for being good on finances, and even have loyalty cards… but what if you have an app that does both these things? Manage your finances and also help you earn rewards? That’s where the Manis app comes in to make your life sweeter! Do you know that the receipts you throw away everyday are actually worth something? Yes, you read it right! With Manis, you can now simply snap your receipts to earn amazing rewards! With Manis, you can redeem vouchers such...
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