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6 Aug

It’s YOUR life, why take a chance?

Exactly what the title means, why would you take a chance with your life? As women, we believe in stereotypes that we are caregivers, and nurturers which make us think of others around us more than ourselves. That is the reason why the term 'Superwoman' exists because they can work full day, yet come home to care for their children, sometimes parents, cook and even clean. There have been so many times we, as females neglect ourselves from how we look to a major thing we always overlook, our HEALTH! Did you know that every day, six new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in Malaysia? It is also the second most common cancer amongst females in Malaysia. Many of...
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18 Feb

Episode 4 : A New Norm – Living

The greatest gift that GOD gave me was a second chance in life, and I always have to remind myself of this gift! This episode features another young cancer survivor, and we both talked about the power of sharing, and how it may help others to know what it feels like to be able to truly LIVE that is not normal for our ages, but special <3     Remember to SHARE, comment, and hashtag #sharestrength if you think and know this will help someone...
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11 Feb

Episode 3 : A New Norm – Weathering

The first major hurdle for me was the colostomy bag, but I have never shared about what it felt like after my second surgery. That's a whole new challenge altogether. To explain in a little more detail, I had more problems because I had most of my rectum removed out. If it's just my colon, it wouldn't be so bad as the rectum is where we store waste in our bodies. So, it's basically learning and re-training a whole new part of my body once again. That's what episode 3 is about, weathering through my second surgery. Do let me know your thoughts, or if you have a similar experience, I want to hear about it because I still feel ALONE...
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11 Oct

Time to get OUT of the comfort zone

We are just 4 months AWAY from the new year, and it’s time we re-think our lives and reset what we need to spring clean. Talking about spring cleaning, I have been doing a lot of that not just in my life, but also in my apartment!!! Sometimes many of us get into a rut being it in a relationship, work, hobbies, friendships, and just about everything. You are so used to it, you are not willing to LET IT GO, especially for many relationships even when it’s toxic. I know this because I used to be in a toxic relationship and even with much persuasion from my friends and family to break-up with that person, I still continued not because I...
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2 Aug

#ShareStrength Project – Finding the right Doctor

I've been meaning to start this project for quite some time now, but with a little push from my managing team and the right idea, I am finally starting it off!!!!!!!!! This idea actually came about with all of your support in my daily writings especially about my Big-C experiences, and how some of your heartfelt messages on how the posts inspired or motivated you spurred this project on. The final push came when two readers seek my advice on colon related doctors AND I manage to convince one to seek medical help instead of doing nothing...
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28 Jun

One year later after having Cancer

I can never in my life of mine especially at this age imagine that I would be writing this or even have a title of a post that would say this on my blog. Recently, I was brought back to the reality that hit me a year ago on the same month and as I am writing this, it's actually the first day of checking in for surgery. After cancer, I vowed to myself that I would change my life no matter what it takes because my doctor was telling me since I DO NOT have genetic history of colon, ovarian or breast cancer, there could be a possibility it's stressed induced as I got it at such a young age! But, you...
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16 Mar

Battle Against Cancer: Alternative Healing Treatments

Many emails and messages were sent to me asking whether I tried any alternative treatments, and truth be told, Yes, I have and AM on it at the moment for recovery and maintenance of health purposes. While I was writing my first three posts, I knew that my final post in regards to my journey will be highlighting the alternative routes I have taken for everyone out there who cares about their health. Honestly, if I needed to go for chemotherapy, I would have opted for alternative healing instead because I felt at that point of time my body was already weak, and probably won't survive chemotherapy. Thank GOD I was lucky for early detection which meant I only had to...
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4 Feb

Battle against colon cancer: Symptoms & the “Miracle Cure”

I apologize if I have to rewind a little bit before I speak about the "Miracle Cure" as many have been messaging me and asking what were my symptoms and what made me go for colonoscopy. To be honest, I was having diarrhea or so called diarrhea for about a year before that. Every once a month, I would be affected by something I ate and go to the toilet 6-7 times a day. I thought it was normal or had a sensitive stomach to Malaysian food since coming back from the States. I didn't even consult a doctor for it. It was my PersonEdge team, shirley in particular who would tell me to watch my diet, so lunch meetings would be...
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28 Jan

Battle Against Colon Cancer : Insurance & Colostomy Bag Challenges

Thank you once again for the overflowing prayers, blessings and messages. Your love keeps me even more positive! This post is a continuation from my first blog post of the year which you can find HERE on my discovery of having colon cancer. Truly Big HUG to all of you!!! Just to let you guys know, the percentage of a female to have colon cancer in her 20's is only 2% of the general population. In terms of statistics, I clearly am the minority 2% mentioned, and it gets worse from there because my doctor, Datuk Yunus Gul mentioned prior to my first surgery that there may be a 5% chance I would have to wear a temporary colostomy bag as my...
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