I apologize if I have to rewind a little bit before I speak about the “Miracle Cure” as many have been messaging me and asking what were my symptoms and what made me go for colonoscopy.

To be honest, I was having diarrhea or so called diarrhea for about a year before that. Every once a month, I would be affected by something I ate and go to the toilet 6-7 times a day. I thought it was normal or had a sensitive stomach to Malaysian food since coming back from the States. I didn’t even consult a doctor for it.


It was my PersonEdge team, shirley in particular who would tell me to watch my diet, so lunch meetings would be held at “clean” eateries.

The last straw came when I had prolong diarrhea for 3 weeks, and no medication could help, all it did was harden the stool. My dad insisted I see a gastrointestinal specialist as he felt something was really wrong. The specialist was very nice and even sat me down telling me that it’s an evasive procedure and I didn’t need to do it as I was young.

Due to my dad’s insistence I went, and the rest you guys already know…


The picture I posted the day I checked in for colonoscopy. When I found out I had a tumor, I completely regretted putting it up… I still laugh now thinking about how my caption stated about being bare faced, something so trivial to what’s about to come! Guys, don’t play around when you are in the hospital k?

Many have asked about blood in my stool, I swear I couldn’t see it till I was diagnosed. You have to STARE at your stool to see traces of it because it doesn’t come out in torrents, just lining the stool which makes it harder to detect. The other symptom I had was fatigue, it got worse and worse by the day. By 12 noon, I would be very tired. From my understanding, fatigue is a sign for all types of cancer but many of us will probably brush it off as nothing which I now know is dangerous.

These are the symptoms I had but if you google colon cancer, there are more. The worse thing is that it’s so undetectable and when you can detect it, it’s too late. So, my dad in a way saved my life!

Another thing I really want to write about is the “miracle cure” or what I think really helped me pull through. The biggest thing about pulling through cancer or anyone’s darkest days would be the MIND, it’s amazing how you can will your body to heal. Of course, support from friends and family, and prayers really help but when it comes down to fighting it, I really believe the mind which is where the believe to heal comes from.

hosp 4

After properly waking up from my first surgery and finding out I had a colostomy bag, I couldn’t believe I had no reaction to it, but rather focused my mind on working my intestines. You see, the normal procedure before you are allowed to consume anything would be for your intestines to start working, which means hearing noises, farting, and also peeing. It’s not easy as you are not allowed to MOVE, DRINK or EAT for days waiting for this to happen. Everyone around me got angrier day by day because they thought, if nothing was going through my mouth, how is anything going to happen.So, all I could do was lie down, smile, and look up at them. By the 4th day, my intestines started to move, and we could hear farting from the colostomy bag… that’s when I could start drinking water.

Then, I told myself that the next day I will continue to improve to be able to sit up and I did. By the 6th day, I was able to slowly sit up to an upright position and ate soft food! That first bite was soooooo good as I didn’t eat for almost a week!

By the 7th day, I could walk to the chair in the room, another achievement unlocked. Everyday, all I did was willed myself to achieve small things be it moving, drinking, eating or anything. Datuk Yunus told me my improvement and healing was really fast as some stayed in the hospital for weeks!

During  my colostomy period, I kept myself busy and willed my intestines to properly heal and before I knew it, Datuk gave me one week advance to conduct my surgery!!! WOOOTTTTTT!!!! Everyday when I cried or had an emotional breakdown from the colostomy bag, I said one thing to myself



It was the month after my surgery that I started emceeing again with  my first event being Olympus’s media launch! Everyone asked me why I still worked as I am still in my recovery mode up till now even, there are side effects to the surgery btw… My answer is very simple, I can’t hole myself up in a house when I am still able in mind and body and logically, work keeps my mind off the side effects, and helps me pay for medical bills right?!? 🙂

However, I don’t overwork, I take it slowly and focus more on hosting, writing, and things I love doing


Now, my focus is on spending time with family, friends, people who have supported me, and slowly regaining weight. Holidays help alot!


Manage to gain maybe 1 kg while at Pangkor Laut Resort


By the time it came to head to Seoul for the Omega event, I was only 2 kg’s away from my normal weight!!!


And now, I am 0.5kg from my normal weight and working towards putting on more!!!!

I will admit it’s difficult on some days due to the side effects but I don’t cry anymore when it happens, I just live my day as normally as possible. Datuk Yunus, my consulting specialist even told me I am almost back to normal now and he’s impressed at how fast I’ve recovered.

Wallowing in the “why me?” mode won’t help if you are afflicted with an illness or anything even financial difficulties. All you need to do is change that mindset, find a solution and leave it in God’s hands to show you the way. Be strong because the more we cry, the worse we feel… On the other hand, if we think positive and know we can heal, the odds of recovering from an illness, or financial difficulties is much easier because the body tells the mind what to do!!! Time to release those feel good hormones guys!!! <3

Do comment, or message me and I will answer each and everyone of your questions.


Mei Sze