We are just 4 months AWAY from the new year, and it’s time we re-think our lives and reset what we need to spring clean. Talking about spring cleaning, I have been doing a lot of that not just in my life, but also in my apartment!!!

Sometimes many of us get into a rut being it in a relationship, work, hobbies, friendships, and just about everything. You are so used to it, you are not willing to LET IT GO, especially for many relationships even when it’s toxic.

I know this because I used to be in a toxic relationship and even with much persuasion from my friends and family to break-up with that person, I still continued not because I love him, but because I was stuck in my comfort zone!! Many abused women have the same mentality because they think their husbands/boyfriends can change BUT a leopard will not change its spots right? And these women continue to think that way till they are trap and worse, beaten till they go into hospital 🙁

How do we know we are in a comfort zone?

  • When everything you are doing seems mundane and there’s no excitement anymore


Even checking out a new eatery can get you OUT of that rut

  • When you feel like you just need a break
  • When getting out of it actually seems difficult when you KNOW it’s the right thing to do



For me, it’s about trying a new look or dress when I emcee events instead of relying on the same style because I can be quite a stick in the mud! Wore glasses to host the 20th Asia Pacific Optometry Congress Gala dinner as they felt it would suit the dinner, and I wore a beautiful dress from Rent A dress KL too!

So, we have addressed that we are in a comfort zone, now how do we get out of it?

  • Sometimes, take the peoples advice around you and LISTEN


Jennifer listened to my advice to seek medical help and even went to the doctors I introduced to her after stubbornly refusing to do anything for 7 months even with stage 3 colon cancer!!! Now, she’s on the road to recovery!!

  • If it’s a relationship, cut off contact with the person for abit to cool things down, or really take that much needed holiday to put things into perspective for you. For me, I always had to move to another country to get out of a toxic relationship!
  • Have the will to let it go, it’s all about mental strength!


Well, I did write about this in the September issue of MYC, so do pick up a copy k?

I know it’s always easier said than done BUT it’s time to spring clean your life once again guys!!!!! <3


Mei Sze