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28 Dec

The growth of the Young cancer survivors group

One of my biggest challenges as the youth ambassador of NCSM was to grow the young cancer survivors group. Not only is cancer a cultural taboo to even mention in Malaysia, but parents are stopping their children from coming back to the group. I started off so enthusiastic, as you can read HERE But after the first year, I realize the challenges I faced and spoke to some of them who joined. Once I understood the issued, I knew the only way was to continue reaching out through social media and buid a core community to talk about the struggles and triumphants we face as young cancer survivors. It worked! And the group has grown to 70 people strong with all of them...
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30 Jul

How to make chia seed pudding?

I never knew it was so easy to make chia seed pudding untill a workshop organized by Lushbowl recently. They are a cafe specializing in healthy eats and it's so fresh! I go there quite regularly, and was really happy they organized a workshop for us young cancer survivors. Suet Sim (my right) is one of the founders The most basic of ingredients, all you need is chia seeds, cashew mylk(you can get it fresh from them), or any types of milk, and oats They even prepared cute aprons for us Aly participating in it as well First, add in one or two table spoons of chia seed and oats if you like. Then pour in the milk of three times the amount in height Stir...
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4 Jan

Donations achieved for the National Cancer society of Malaysia

If you guys recall my project last year in raising cancer awareness and donations for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia's first cancer information system(a hotline you can call to enquire about anything related to cancer), I am so happy to announce that we've reached the target of 50,000 SHARES and LIKES and more! Not only did we achieve 50,000 which means RM50,000 to NCSM but RM52,000 was donated by Axa Affin Life Berhad because there were more shares and likes! I would like to personally thank everyone who SHARED, and LIKED the postings. Not forgetting those cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers who bared their stories to all of us, a heartfel THANK YOU  from lil ol me :) Shooting the last...
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16 May

A full life as a mother after having cancer

I have met Pei Shan since getting together with Ben, as they were close friends, and he did mentioned to me before that Pei Shan used to have cancer. Of course back then, I didn’t want to pry too much as Ben didn’t know too much as well. It must have been a true coincidence that Pei Shan recently contacted Ben for assistance on a matter, and when he went to see her, he saw her with her two lovely boys, Lucas, and Liam! He came back very inspired, and told me, “Loo Pei Shan is one amazing person, how she can laugh, and smile and truly act like no cares in the world after experiencing cancer and it’s treatment!’’ A sneak...
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5 May

First Youth Ambassador for the National cancer society of Malaysia

Ever since I was 16, my dream was to help youths, their socioemotional wellbeing. This dream was spurred on by the fact that I volunteered at an orphanage, and witnessed what abuse and abandonment did to these kids. And, that is one of the main reasons why I took Psychology as my major, even pursuing it up till the PhD level in Hawaii. I know many people would think I am having fun, but I rarely did because I was mostly doing work in the lab or at home...
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27 Apr

Cancer drains everyone and everything!

Cancer drains everyone and everything! When I first met Staci after correspondence between the both of us for 2 months, she gave me a smile, and she was so cheerful. Standing in front of me was a 25 year old colorectal cancer PATIENT that showed no sign that she was undergoing chemotherapy, and recently underwent a major surgery to remove parts of her colon(a colectomy surgery). I was so thankful for her sharing her story, and joining the #sharestrength movement by writing about her story in her own blog upon being diagnosed. Not only that, she agreed to be a part of the second series of Ä New Norm, now called the Awakening! She was so cheerful, and sharing about her...
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29 Feb

Episode 5 : A New Norm – Silver Lining

In the final episode of the first season of a new norm, you will all finally meet Ben, who I've shared so much of on this blog, and in my videos, and posts! He has supported, loved, cried, and simply was with me throughout this whole Big-C experience and he is now here to share his side of the story and give encouragement to other caretakers out there who are caring for loved ones with cancer or illnesses!!! We have been travelling ever since I started gaining energy because he knows I love it :)   Thank you for watching so far! If you guys want to continue to #sharestrength and be a part of the movement, remember to comment, SHARE, and hashtag sharestrength...
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19 Dec

My christmas wish came true – GIVEAWAY INSIDE

This post is going to be a pretty scientific post with my reports and stuff and also very revealing in terms of my health for many, but this is definitely worth a read!!! As a cancer survivor, as it just happened last year, I do blood tests every 3 months just to be safe. Recently, I have been having chest pains towards my rib cage, at a particular side, and it doesn't go away which makes me a tad worried. As I needed to do a blood tests to check for some things for my genetic test, I did a tumor markers test and, and x-ray as well just to be safe. And...
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20 Sep

A story that humbled me – Be Grateful

The past two weeks have humbled me in more ways than one. I always believe in the word "humility"in whatever that we are tasked to do. You may be the most successful, richest or even good looking person in the world, but if you don't have humility, the adjectives mentioned are not even worth anyone's second glance. Having said that, many events over the past year have obviously allowed me to appreciate the people around me, and feel grateful for all that I have at my age. Usually we don't take a breather and smell the roses as we are always working, waiting to purchase our first property, buy that latest car, or even spending time spewing hatred on social media. This...
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