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4 Jan

Donations achieved for the National Cancer society of Malaysia

If you guys recall my project last year in raising cancer awareness and donations for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia’s first cancer information system(a hotline you can call to enquire about anything related to cancer), I am so happy to announce that we’ve reached the target of 50,000 SHARES and LIKES and more! Not only did we achieve 50,000 which means RM50,000 to NCSM but RM52,000 was donated by Axa Affin Life Berhad because there were more shares and likes!

I would like to personally thank everyone who SHARED, and LIKED the postings. Not forgetting those cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers who bared their stories to all of us, a heartfel THANK YOU  from lil ol me 🙂

Shooting the last episode with Gary, the director, and Pei Ting, representative from Axa Affin Life Berhad

Thanks to Axa Affin Life Berhad who came up with the first in the market cancer insurance protection plan, I was able to realize my dream of raising cancer awareness through highlighting amazing stories of other cancer survivors, patients and caretakers. Mr. Loke Kah Meng, CEO of Axa Affin Life Berhad at the appreciation and cheque presentation luncheon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but do you see me on the screen? I was there in heart and spirit!

Clare Ratnasingam(w0man in yellow) along with cancer survivors receiving the cheque from Mr. Loh Kah Meng, and Axa management

Ecstatic over the RM52,00 which will benefit so many people who are not aware of cancer, and want to know more. Just call NCSM up guys !!

Cancer awareness is so important but many of you will be surprised at how oblivious someone is to it till they or their family member gets it(*knock on wood*). I’ve even heard stories of people lockin their relatives up in a room because they think that cancer spreads?!?!

So, I will continue to update and share stories here with you guys as I know many of you would like to know. In the meantime, take a look at episode 8 once again:




World cancer day is coming up, so stay tune peeps!


Mei Sze

Choo Mei Sze
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