Over the weekend, I have gained more insights into cancer immunotherapy through a workshop

where I was invited to share about my Big-C journey.

Previously, I’ve written about it HERE and I’m still learning about various treatment options,

and how it benefits the cancer patients.

How does cancer immunotherapy work?

Simply put, our body’s immune system usually prevents abnormal cells from coming into the ecosystem. Cancer cells can pass through by masking as a good cell. Basically, cancer immunotherapy educates our immune system to recognise the cancer cell and destroy it. It also boosts our immune cells to help eliminate cancer.

Panel of speakers

Dato Dr. Ibrahim (on my left), a Consultant Clinical Oncologist, shared more about cancer immunotherapy. He cited case studies of his patients on how cancer immunotherapy has helped prolong their lives.

Originally targeted for lung cancer which is the second most common cause of death in Malaysia, it is
now used for other types of cancer as well such as colon, kidney, etc. Up to 20 different types of cancer can be treated with cancer immunotherapy.

What are the various types of immunotherapy?

The various types of immunotherapy treatment ranges from targeting antibodies, cancer vaccine,
adoptive cell transfer, tumor-infecting viruses, checkpoint inhibitors, cytokines, and adjuvants.
One can use it in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapies.

Why is immunotherapy an important option as a cancer treatment?

It works on many different types of cancer, up to 20 over now. It also offers the possibility of long-term cancer remission especially for those with stage-4 cancers.

What I’ve seen is that it prolongs life, and gives them a better quality of life which is important.
Furthermore, the side effects are tolerable, and can be reversed as long as it is address immediately.

A picture with all bloggers present

 A fun one with them, thank you for listening and disseminating more information on such an important treatment

One with the Roche team

I think it is important that people understand what are the treatment options available for cancer.
Making informed decisions is better than just listening to what people say. Many of us tend to listen to hearsay and the many voices that like to share their opinion with us.

With the advent of technology, treatment options such as immunotherapy can not only prolong one’s
life but possibly there can be a cure in the near future. I hope that if you are a cancer patient reading
this, and you feel it can benefit you, please ask your health care providers more on this.

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Always positive,
Mei Sze