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Category: Miscellaneous

28 Dec

The growth of the Young cancer survivors group

One of my biggest challenges as the youth ambassador of NCSM was to grow the young cancer survivors group. Not only is cancer a cultural taboo to even mention in Malaysia, but parents are stopping their children from coming back to the group. I started off so enthusiastic, as you can read HERE But after the first year, I realize the challenges I faced and spoke to some of them who joined. Once I understood the issued, I knew the only way was to continue reaching out through social media and buid a core community to talk about the struggles and triumphants we face as young cancer survivors. It worked! And the group has grown to 70 people strong with all of them...
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15 May

GE14 : A New Malaysia

On 1oth of May, many of us woke up with a smile and excitement in our hearts! It's a brand new Malaysia after GE14 and it is monumental because we have changed the government together as one! It was on the 9th of May that everyone came out regardless of race or age to vote. Honestly, this is my first time voting, and I went in bright eye, and bushy tail even when naysayers tried to discourage me. Many people who have voted before thought it would be impossible but we did it as a nation. I saw the power of social media helping to turned the tides this time around. Prior to the elections, everyone was sharing news of what's happening...
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4 Feb

Second Episode : A New Norm – Acceptance

This episode is on a lighter note of things. One of the most difficult parts of going through my Colorectal cancer(The more I say the word out, the easier it becomes) journey would be wearing the colostomy bag, and also adjusting to a new body after I joined my intestines back. Once I've accepted that I was not going to be "normal" like everyone else my age again, life became much easier!! I didn't think or worry so much anymore. The episode details what I've changed in my life to adjust to this new level of normal. Please do comment, email me, share on your own social media, or even mine if you have a similar story you want to share with...
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22 Oct

Paying it forward at Ronald McDonald House (RMH)

Driving into PPUKM (Pusat Perubatan University Kebangsaan Malaysia) or also known as HUKM in Cheras, I was pleasantly surprised by how huge the vicinity was. Nested deep within the hospital grounds was something that surprised me even more – a beautifully refurbished and fun accommodation for families of children receiving treatment at the hospital. They also welcome families who are receiving treatment from other hospitals too, and they give priority to those from out of state! All it costs these families to stay here is just RM5 a night! Beautiful isn't it? Once you enter, you will be greeted by Pn.Idayu who is the house manager, and she practically works 24 HOURS because it’s open 24 hours! She is such a kind soul, and...
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26 May

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

One of the things I have learnt alot more about since my experience with colon cancer last year is my bowel system. I guess when you are afflicted with a certain condition, you will suddenly start reading up on it, and with the help of google, many of us are more knowledgeable on the diseases and health conditions we are facing or about to face. I didn't want to share my side effects so publicly with you guys after my second surgery but since I am writing about Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), it's only fair you guys should know some the side effects I am currently facing is pretty similar to IBD patients such as the below: Increased frequency...
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10 Apr

My favourite stylist is here! – Barber 121

Do you guys ever stick to just one hairstylist all your life? Sometimes, we switch our stylist from time to time because of convenience when we pop up during a lunch break, but we always end up going to the ones that changed our hairstyles from the start, making us look much better!! I, for one am a firm believer in skill, and Barber 121, recently opened by my colorist(she specializes in ONLY that), and her partner, Alex who specializes in cut. I am stoked that they decided to move to Empire Damansara Perdana, pretty close to me, so the convenience factor went up ALOT! Located on the first floor of Empire Damansara Perdana, very old school feel to the entrance Welcoming reception...
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4 Mar

Staycation at Traders Hotel

To live life joyfully and without abandon is an art or I would say not many have mastered! And this is exactly what I am trying to do with my life nowadays..Instead of fretting over the small stuff, and overworking myself, I will take time off when needed to rest and relax!! To be honest, this should not be only for me who's had experience a life-changing condition BUT should be for anyone.. the two words.. "Living fearlessly" It was with this notion that I made a decision to bring Ben for a short staycation at a hotel located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I've been to Traders in Singapore to stay and absolutely loved the service albeit the rooms...
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6 Jun

Styling – Longchamp Le Pliage Personalised

As you all may know, style is NOT my strong suit, but I TRY my best to dress up everytime I emcee an event or attend one! If you have seen some of my newspaper interviews(where they don't usually style you), my dressing is very standard with a blazer and sometimes, unkempt hair! Like in this cover photo for Benchmark in Focus Malaysia or in Emmagem  The secret behind looking good in magazines, and at events is when I actually go to a salon to style my hair(I know, so expensive!), and when there's a make-up artiste that does it for me! Yeap, the cat is outta the bag...
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