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Category: Health

8 May

My Top 5 Picks of Vegetarian food for your parents

Many of you ask me, " What do you usually eat now?" My answer to that is that my current diet consists of vegetarian and organic food and if I actually eat rice, it has to be brown or multigrain rice. Due to the fact that I have a shortened rectum(almost all gone), I cannot simply eat anything as the reaction to my stomach is pretty severe making me have diarrhea instantly. People have questioned me on what exactly makes me have that negative reaction, and the thing is I don't know, it could be anything!!! So, I have started experimenting only when I am travelling(and that must be a clean restaurant) or when I am in Malaysia, I usually eat the...
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16 Mar

Battle Against Cancer: Alternative Healing Treatments

Many emails and messages were sent to me asking whether I tried any alternative treatments, and truth be told, Yes, I have and AM on it at the moment for recovery and maintenance of health purposes. While I was writing my first three posts, I knew that my final post in regards to my journey will be highlighting the alternative routes I have taken for everyone out there who cares about their health. Honestly, if I needed to go for chemotherapy, I would have opted for alternative healing instead because I felt at that point of time my body was already weak, and probably won't survive chemotherapy. Thank GOD I was lucky for early detection which meant I only had to...
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10 Feb

Dental Health a MUST!

After what happened to me, I will never overlook health anymore. My motto is "Health is MY priority" and I cannot stress that enough nowadays with the pollutants in the air and the food that we are consuming. I go to the extent that if there's anything that stresses me out, I try to eliminate that thing I am doing from my life. Stress is the No.1 Killer! As you guys know, I didn't eat for days after each surgery as I had two. During those times, I couldn't brush my teeth as well because I can't move so I am pretty sure there was bacteria in my mouth. So, after coming out of the hospital, seeing the dentist was definitely...
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