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Category: Food

27 May

A new way to send flowers with Haagen Dazs

All of us are looking for gifts for our parents, especially during these two months where father's and mother's day are so close together!!! For me, I always buy a single stalk of rose for my mom, grandmother, and auntie each every year, or a bouquet of flowers. However, I've just learnt that Haagen Dazs recently came up with an amazing idea to pair their limited edition ice cream flavours called the Little Garden Collection (either Lychee Rose Raspberry OR Apricot Lavender flavour) with bespoke flowers from BloomThis !! The little Garden bundle comes with both flavours and the flowers at RM119 inclusive of delivery on the BloomThis website from May 16th to July 31st. DISCOUNT CODE for all of my readers: Best...
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17 Apr

Food Review : Mr. Wolf PJ

Two things about me is : 1. I love to eat, and 2. I'm greedy especially when it comes to food !! One of the restaurants I would like to share with you especially for brunch as they serve a pretty different type of brunch is Mr. Wolf PJ, located at 5, Jalan ss23/11, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor ! It's a little difficult to find, but if you are a PJ person, it shouldn't be a problem :) So, let's bring you through the restaurant and it's food! The restaurant bit of Mr. Wolf, they have a bar too located upstairs I love their swing chairs, and kids love it too! Truly says alot about my thinking style! To the wolf's Den, meaning...
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30 Sep

That Much Needed Beach Vacation – Krabi

It's that time of the year where projects are piling up, events are at its peak(which means loads of event attendance or emceeing), and you have no time for yourself to relax! For me, when things like that happen, I will slot in a quick beach vacation to relax instead of feeling overwhelmed and that's exactly what I did! I went to Krabi where everything is affordable and the beach is nice :) This trip was also part of an incentive trip with the PersonEdge team for them to getaway too! We were welcomed at Beyond Krabi resort with a drink and fresh fruits Was the rainy season BUT I was truly lucky to have 2 days of sun out of 3 Our beachfront...
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17 Jun

Rest, Relax & Shop at 2nd Floor East – Berjaya Times Square

Let me ask you a question? How many times have you been to Berjaya Times Square if you live in the Petaling Jaya area? For me, I can safely say I have been less than 5 x since it was build 13 years ago!!!! I didn't know they have so many new themed zones in the recent years with the most recent one making you feel like you are in a different mall, and it's meant for rest and relaxation! When I was invited to check it out, I was super skeptical but lo and behold, I choked and was pleasantly surprised...
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13 Jun

Cafes & Restaurants to visit in Taiwan

From street food in Taiwan, let's take it indoors to a few places that I would recommend for you guys to enjoy and that as a tourists, you probably wouldn't head to. 1. Long Time Ago Cafe  Entrance of Long Time Ago Cafe A place that tourists can never find because it's on a side street between office buildings Outside sitting area If you like the entrance already, you would love the inside! Love the decor It's a very artsy cafe with a partition that looks like bookshelves dividing a small room inside with where we were sitting They serve western food, so you can head there after waking up and if you don't feel like...
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8 May

My Top 5 Picks of Vegetarian food for your parents

Many of you ask me, " What do you usually eat now?" My answer to that is that my current diet consists of vegetarian and organic food and if I actually eat rice, it has to be brown or multigrain rice. Due to the fact that I have a shortened rectum(almost all gone), I cannot simply eat anything as the reaction to my stomach is pretty severe making me have diarrhea instantly. People have questioned me on what exactly makes me have that negative reaction, and the thing is I don't know, it could be anything!!! So, I have started experimenting only when I am travelling(and that must be a clean restaurant) or when I am in Malaysia, I usually eat the...
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20 Apr

Cruising on Halong Bay

As mentioned in my previous post on Hanoi HERE , I will definitely like to share my experience of Halong Bay with you guys because it's a recently declared 7 natural wonders of the world, and I just want you guys to go there before it gets too touristy! Before we went, I actually looked into the cruises to take on Halong Bay as many mentioned it would be a long ride from Hanoi and boy, it was (4 whole hours)! So, we decided to take the 2 day 1 night cruise on Halong bay on a luxurious cruise rather than the one day trip on an open air "sampan"(wooden boat). I was sooooooo glad I made that decision to get...
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29 Mar

Why I won’t go back to Hanoi?

I've expressed that I will be focusing alot more on myself this year, and that for one includes traveling because I just love to explore the world and it's different culture. Writing and sharing wanderlusting pictures with you guys is one thing BUT when it comes to  being real, I am as real as it gets.. no honey coating, just honest truth based on what I have experienced. For those who are wanting to travel to Vietnam, Hanoi in particular, I encourage you to read this first before heading there OR it may change your mind.. not too sure, you can be the judge :) Before I went to Vietnam, Halong Bay was raved about to me and of course the food...
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