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My wedding looks – Make-up, hair and customized gowns
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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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The Crazy Mei Sze came out during my hen’s trip
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28 Jun

De Budget.Com Cafe & Bar

[ADV] With the existence of Air Asia in our lives, flying to another country has become very affordable especially for the travel enthusiasts! Now, what if a similar process of  affordable airfares can be applied to a restaurant & bar as well? Who doesn't like cheap drinks and food right? And that's where this snazzy little cafe and bar comes in - De Budget! The one I went to was the one at the IOI Boulevard in Puchong.. Liked the industrial industry with a splash of art, and dart machines too! How De Budget works is throughDeBudget.com, Malaysia’s first online pre-purchase café bar which offers customers a concept somewhat similar to that of budget airlines – the earlier you buy, the more you...
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21 Jun

Fancy a pie? – A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

It's been awhile since I updated my blog with the latest eatery in town, and a few words from a friend who's also a reader reminded me that people actually read this blog to find out the latest food places and travel locations! Thank you Kenjin:) Talking about food, there's a very creative eatery that just focuses on selling pies!! When you think of pies, immediately shepherds pie comes to one's head...
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11 Jun

Psychology: Problemist or Solutionist?

Another article worthy of writing as I believe this problem arises in many relationships, and even in arguments with friends, family,etc. When we are involved in an argument, many of us are mired in the cause of the argument, or to start playing the "blame game". However, the question is "Are we actually solving the problem?" or just making it worse than it already is. Recently, I  myself was involved in an argument, and I kept dwelling on how to talk about "feelings", and "the relationship" itself before my friend stop me short...
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6 Jun

Styling – Longchamp Le Pliage Personalised

As you all may know, style is NOT my strong suit, but I TRY my best to dress up everytime I emcee an event or attend one! If you have seen some of my newspaper interviews(where they don't usually style you), my dressing is very standard with a blazer and sometimes, unkempt hair! Like in this cover photo for Benchmark in Focus Malaysia or in Emmagem  The secret behind looking good in magazines, and at events is when I actually go to a salon to style my hair(I know, so expensive!), and when there's a make-up artiste that does it for me! Yeap, the cat is outta the bag...
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29 May

Why I Blog?

Well, I just feel a need to write this as many people are probably wondering why the sporadic updates and such a myriad of topics. One of the main reasons I blog/write is because I've come to realize that it's one of my passions, to communicate not just through talking, but through writing. Things I cannot express in person can be translated when I write it out. I originally started my blog to keep in touch with friends and family in the USA, but now it has completely evolve with sharing snippets of my life to disseminating psychology news to everyone!! It is through my writing here, that I got to write in columns  in MYC, The Sun, and KL Lifestyle And have...
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20 May

Psychology: Pushing boundaries

This article is up in this month's issue of MYC, so do pick up a copy if you see it at your nearest Starbucks but I would like to share it with those who are just about to give up.. "There are times in our lives that we question our abilities to succeed or even pass a paper, but what makes you take that ONE more step to succeed? It’s SO EASY to GIVE UP. But What’s Next after that? There’s no rainbow or paradise waiting for those who give up. Endless sea of opportunities! Relating this topic back to my own personal experience as a current graduate student...
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