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Category: Beauty

11 Jul

Christian Dior make-over

Well, I wouldn't call it a total make-over, but it my face did look different that I drew tons of stares on a Monday afternoon at Mid Valley!!!! One of the things that I am afraid of trying is skincare, and beauty products as I have sensitive skin. That's why I am a stickler for the same brand when it comes to cosmetics, especially my foundation and concealer. I was recently invite to do a make-over by a regional make-up maestro of Christian Dior, and try their products. Although I was hesitant, I loved the brand from their couture, to their lip glosses. I kept thinking, how bad could it be? Perhaps I break out for 1 week at most?!?! And guess...
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21 Mar

Skin Treatments with and without lasers

Many girls have thought of doing laser on their skins, especially those with unever skin due to acne, or marks like me. I have tried it once, and it definitely improved my skin, but I had so many questions before actually proceeding with it. So, I have broken down the lasers into two different types for you guys to understand a little more. Lasers Used to Treat Skin Issues If you choose to undergo some sort of laser treatment, you'll be glad to know that all of them are far less invasive and time consuming than surgical procedures. In fact, you can be in and out of most laser treatment procedures in less than 60 minutes and get back to regular activities...
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9 Mar

GIVEAWAY : How to save my drying skin?

I recently came back from Maldives and due to the scorching sun, and drying sea water, my skin started peeling!!!! What more, after arriving back in KL, I had to host two events immediately, and had to put make-up which means more chemicals to my skin!!! I usually hydrate my skin with MORE than 8 glasses of waters a day, fruits, and moisturizer but it didn't help! How can I leave the Maldivian sun right? So, I found out how important having the right moisturiser is and the good thing is I found Cetaphil which is a skincare organisation that delivers quality skincare solutions. Cetaphil has over 60 years of proven success, and the brand is the recommended choice by dermatologists around...
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21 Feb

The freedom of being hairless with out pain

The title says it all!!! Can you imagine a technology which allows you to remove hair from any parts of your body painlessly and the cost is not too much???? I found it recently at Ido's clinic, and I've only tried it once, but the effects are pretty amazing considering the fact that I am writing about it only after ONE try! How it works? Please shave before you head in for the koolite therapy They will apply a cold cream on the area that you want to remove the hair. For me, it's the armpits so I don't have to tweeze, wax or shave anymore 3. Then, they will use their Koolite machine to keep moving the cream up and down like this You can...
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17 Jan

My top picks from Thomas Sabo

As a follow up to my previous post on lookbooks and the CNY red series HERE , this post is the various accessories I paired with all my outfits. If you have been following, you guys know that I love Thomas Sabo accessories and jewelry, and you wouldn't believe it,  I finally got my first Thomas Sabo charm bracelet:) Time to collect my charms! Yet to have any charms on my bracelet, but it already looks good with my cheongsam Show simplicity is truly fit for any outfit or occasion Moving on my favourite collection of all time from Thomas Sabo - Glam and Soul. I love this collection because it exudes elegance, and sometimes floral themes yet is urban and contemporary. The Glam & Soul...
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5 Aug

Giveaway – Juice Couture Hollywood Royal Perfume

When you think of the word being "Hollywood Royal", what do you think of? The thing that comes to mind is probably The Kardashians having a glamorous lifestyle of living in Hollywood with their sibilings in a mansion, being able to cruise around in a convertible near the beach, and attending star-studded events by night right? You would also think they are fashionable, and jet-set around the globe often...
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17 Jul

First time – RevLite Laser to improve skin condition

I have resisted time and time again to do any form of laser on my skin as recommended by many skin specialists as I have pretty huge open pores on my face. Not only that, I do have my monthly breakouts which causes blemishes. Finally, after much thought, I made a decision to try laser at Ido's Clinic because Dr.Gan mentioned it's fine for the skin, non-evasive(like to hear that), and does not hurt. Plus, there's NO downtime :) Before laser Open pores As you can tell from my Before pictures, the open pores do not make my skin look smooth. I actually got these open pores because when I was younger, my mother wanted to...
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23 Jun

Skin products that does wonders – Ido’s Clinic

Recently, my skin started looking very dull and has turned yellow because I go under the sun ALOT!!!!! I run at least 3 times a week and try to go swimming more often. The thing is, I don't really trust over the counter brands when it comes to my skin because some of these products are not suitable for Asian skin. Plus, I prefer naturally manufactured products. All good things must be shared, and hence I would like to share with you a skincare I have been using for only ONE WEEK and to show you the improvement it has made to my face...
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2 May

Penhaligon Trade Routes

Imagine wearing a luxury fragrance inspired during the days of the British Empire which streteched from Hong Kong in the Far East, all the way to the British West Indies in the Caribbean and consisting of large territories such as India and Australia? During it's time, it was the largest empire in human history and at its height 20% of the world’s population lived in the empire. Trade routes brought back to the British Isles many precious and exotic commodities from the colonies which were piled high on the quaysides and docks. Britain collected some of the rarest treasures in dizzying abundance; making London the Warehouse of the World, much to the envy of other nations. I am a history buff and...
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