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26 Dec

The journey to getting my PhD

I have been wanting to write this post for the longest time! Like when I say long, I mean it because it has been 6 years since I've gotten my masters. In the United States, it's normal for most people to take a LONG time to get their PhD, some I know take 10 years and I've heard of some taking 15 years or more. The graduate program in the United States is a little different as usually only a handful(less than 10) will get accepted into a program, and they most often get full funding through being a Teaching assistant or research. Thus, graduation depends partly on courses, and tons of research which means your professor has to approve...
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5 May

First Youth Ambassador for the National cancer society of Malaysia

Ever since I was 16, my dream was to help youths, their socioemotional wellbeing. This dream was spurred on by the fact that I volunteered at an orphanage, and witnessed what abuse and abandonment did to these kids. And, that is one of the main reasons why I took Psychology as my major, even pursuing it up till the PhD level in Hawaii. I know many people would think I am having fun, but I rarely did because I was mostly doing work in the lab or at home...
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11 Oct

Time to get OUT of the comfort zone

We are just 4 months AWAY from the new year, and it’s time we re-think our lives and reset what we need to spring clean. Talking about spring cleaning, I have been doing a lot of that not just in my life, but also in my apartment!!! Sometimes many of us get into a rut being it in a relationship, work, hobbies, friendships, and just about everything. You are so used to it, you are not willing to LET IT GO, especially for many relationships even when it’s toxic. I know this because I used to be in a toxic relationship and even with much persuasion from my friends and family to break-up with that person, I still continued not because I...
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21 Nov

Generosity in Business

So, I usually don't write posts related to business psychology in general, BUT I read a book that intrigued me and in a way made me want to share what I've read with you guys, the entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs, CEO's, Managers, and people who are climbing the career ladder in general. It doesn't matter whether you are in the engineering field or even the entertainment field because this principle applies across the board. Do you know the richest and most successful people are not selfish with helping others succeed in life? If you find this intriguing. Read on.. This is NOT a book review but an excerpt of the book which is beneficial to everyone.. The book is titled "Never Eat Alone"...
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4 Sep

Does money make you happy?

While having a conversation with Ben the other day in the car, me being the idealistic, naive one went on to say "Money isn't everything you know" while consoling him over a deal that didn't come through. At that point when I said that, I truly meant it, when he stopped me short, "You love traveling so much and that makes you happy, but don't you need money to travel?" Once again, I was dumbfounded as to how to reply that. It's true I do love traveling and it does make me very happy while I am in a new place, learning a new culture but I would need money for that, and I would definitely not be happy not earning money...
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11 Jun

Psychology: Problemist or Solutionist?

Another article worthy of writing as I believe this problem arises in many relationships, and even in arguments with friends, family,etc. When we are involved in an argument, many of us are mired in the cause of the argument, or to start playing the "blame game". However, the question is "Are we actually solving the problem?" or just making it worse than it already is. Recently, I  myself was involved in an argument, and I kept dwelling on how to talk about "feelings", and "the relationship" itself before my friend stop me short...
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