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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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6 Aug

It’s YOUR life, why take a chance?

Exactly what the title means, why would you take a chance with your life? As women, we believe in stereotypes that we are caregivers, and nurturers which make us think of others around us more than ourselves. That is the reason why the term 'Superwoman' exists because they can work full day, yet come home to care for their children, sometimes parents, cook and even clean. There have been so many times we, as females neglect ourselves from how we look to a major thing we always overlook, our HEALTH! Did you know that every day, six new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in Malaysia? It is also the second most common cancer amongst females in Malaysia. Many of...
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5 May

The Sacrifices my Mom made

For someone who went through MANY ups and downs in her life, she is still strong in the face of adversity, calm when everyone is not, and loving every single minute of it. That person is my mom and no words can truly describe my love for my mom and someone who was there for me even when everyone around me was crumbling last year when I was diagnosed with cancer, and even during my colostomy bag period. Yup, this is my pretty and cute mom, and she has made ALOT of sacrifices for her family (her children and husband included), to show us nothing short of more than unconditional love. I can keep reiterating that she loves us alot and bla...
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26 Mar

A Tribute to Ami Schaheera – An inspiring lady indeed

Guess my title says it all.. Am writing this because she is one lady that has not just been an inspiration to me but many females out there.. A full time writer/blogger and fashionista, also a leukemia patient who's been battling it for the past 4 years, and she passed just last night.. It was this week that her article to inspire women was suppose to come out for International women's day on wanista.com after mine but it couldn't happen because she was too weak for the interview :( Thus, this is a tribute to someone influential since she started "kicking cancer in the nuts" , as she would say.. When I first met her, she had the guts to tell me...
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