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22 Jul

The Taboo called ‘cancer’

Recent events have encouraged me to write this post because of the challenges I've been facing due to cultural taboos. I did think more than twice on how I should write this, and whether I should or not. My intuition tells me I should and here I am writing this for those who have friends or family who is currently having cancer at a young age. I believe I have mentioned in my interviews with publications and newspapers that I felt very ALONE while I was wearing the colostomy bag, and even during recovery. I've searched online countless times for a support group in Malaysia because I wanted to speak to someone MY age who was going through this. However, most...
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19 Dec

My christmas wish came true – GIVEAWAY INSIDE

This post is going to be a pretty scientific post with my reports and stuff and also very revealing in terms of my health for many, but this is definitely worth a read!!! As a cancer survivor, as it just happened last year, I do blood tests every 3 months just to be safe. Recently, I have been having chest pains towards my rib cage, at a particular side, and it doesn't go away which makes me a tad worried. As I needed to do a blood tests to check for some things for my genetic test, I did a tumor markers test and, and x-ray as well just to be safe. And...
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4 Jul

An eye-opening Experience with Genetic Testing

A few things before reading this, if you are afraid of blood, please don't look at the second picture closely, and if you are not the type of person who cares about your health and wellbeing, don't bother reading the post. Recently, I manage to make time to get my genes tested after much nagging from my dad because a surgeon told me to do it once I have done my surgery, it allows me to know which cancers I am more prone too. My mom on the other hand was apprehensive as she was afraid I would freak out upon knowing the results but what Dr.Rajban(consulting doctor for The Laureate) said that struck me is this.. "You are born with the genes,...
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28 Jun

One year later after having Cancer

I can never in my life of mine especially at this age imagine that I would be writing this or even have a title of a post that would say this on my blog. Recently, I was brought back to the reality that hit me a year ago on the same month and as I am writing this, it's actually the first day of checking in for surgery. After cancer, I vowed to myself that I would change my life no matter what it takes because my doctor was telling me since I DO NOT have genetic history of colon, ovarian or breast cancer, there could be a possibility it's stressed induced as I got it at such a young age! But, you...
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