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27 Oct

Yearning for the Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

Thomas Sabo recently launched their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, and there were so many pieces I liked. This round, the jewellery featured two central themes of contemporary lifestyle which was yearning for the faraway and love of the familiar. Such romanticism is hard to come by, and that's why I am in love with their jewellery. My favourite together collection deserves to be the first picture. The latest collection features a sparkling heart and a ring engraved with ‘Together’ merge into an unified pendant Isn't it pretty? My other favourite would be the Glam & soul collection. The graphic circular designs such as the circular pendants is everlasting and allows me to wear it anywhere *winkz* I love what the Tree Of love collection stands for...
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7 Mar

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer 2017 Collection

It's a new year which means new beginnings and new jewellery of course! This year, Thomas Sabo brought something fresh, exciting and cultural to the table with strong and vibrant colours. What am I talking about? Their new Africa range where metallic look meets warm, earthy tones. The pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings from the Africa range have a strong graphic flair as a result of their innovative layering technique.     The Africa Silver and Gold collection and that's where you can see the melding of metallic and warm tones Thomas Sabo Sprimg Summer 2017 had their range of Rebel at Heart for males and females which infused cultural elements such as spearheads, feathers, and my favourite dream catcher pendants Rebel at Heart for the...
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14 Apr

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer 2016

Loving Thomas Sabo jewelry is one thing, but loving their well thought out, and intimate events is another! That's exactly it, the fact that they can throw lovely events which I love to attend, yet showcase their jewelry and accessories so well during the event. Their latest spring/summer collection was no different in terms of wow-ing their fans, from filigree feather ornaments through to artful Maori tattoo-inspired designs at Ciao Ristorante! Elegant and classy set-up for the dinner As you enter the event, you will be greeted by displays of their latest collection, some of my favourite designs are below Number 1 definitely goes to the Dream Catcher collection which shows spirituality, and the beauty of dreams woven into a piece of jewelry Of course, next...
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17 Jan

My top picks from Thomas Sabo

As a follow up to my previous post on lookbooks and the CNY red series HERE , this post is the various accessories I paired with all my outfits. If you have been following, you guys know that I love Thomas Sabo accessories and jewelry, and you wouldn't believe it,  I finally got my first Thomas Sabo charm bracelet:) Time to collect my charms! Yet to have any charms on my bracelet, but it already looks good with my cheongsam Show simplicity is truly fit for any outfit or occasion Moving on my favourite collection of all time from Thomas Sabo - Glam and Soul. I love this collection because it exudes elegance, and sometimes floral themes yet is urban and contemporary. The Glam & Soul...
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4 Sep

The Biggest Thomas Sabo Store in Asia Pacific

You know they say, to make your outfit stands out, you just need to add the BLING!!! Well, I for one am learning day by day using jewellery from Thomas Sabo, and of course the ladies working there to help me pair it up with my outfit! So, for all those Thomas Sabo fans out there, they've just launch their flagship store at The Gardens Mall last month, and it's the biggest store in Malaysia AND Asia Pacific!   As you can tell, the entrance alone is opulent   The entire concept is grand to say the least and it gives all of us shoppers a unique experience while trying on our favourite jewellery, and watches from the brand! They even have a few sofas, probably...
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24 Mar

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer Collection 2015

As I told myself that I will make an effort to dress better and be more stylish, I have started to be more observant while shopping as well. I used to just go for clothes, and clothes, and more clothes because I didn't know how to layer or create different looks resulting in me buying quantity instead of quality. However, how times have changed..Now, I start looking out for accessories such as jewellery and hats! With my new found love for accessories, I was pretty stoked to check out Thomas Sabo's latest Sterling Silver Spring Summer Collection 2015 because of my love for their karma beads! The latest collection has the Glam & Soul women’s range which exudes feminine elegance, precision and...
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