Loving Thomas Sabo jewelry is one thing, but loving their well thought out, and intimate events is another! That’s exactly it, the fact that they can throw lovely events which I love to attend, yet showcase their jewelry and accessories so well during the event.

Their latest spring/summer collection was no different in terms of wow-ing their fans, from filigree feather ornaments through to artful Maori tattoo-inspired designs at Ciao Ristorante!


Elegant and classy set-up for the dinner


As you enter the event, you will be greeted by displays of their latest collection, some of my favourite designs are below

Dream Cather Collection

Number 1 definitely goes to the Dream Catcher collection which shows spirituality, and the beauty of dreams woven into a piece of jewelry

Classic Collection

Of course, next would be the Classic collection, as I am a classic kinda girl, fuss-free and easy to pair

Karma Beads Collection

Of course, one of my favourite collections, the karma beads was displayed as well with additional designs…Another touch of spiritualism in their designs which I resonate with

Choo Mei Sze & Kit Mah

Kit and I adorning Thomas Sabo’s latest collection

Choo Mei Sze & Kelly Chin

With Kelly, and she’s wearing the dream catcher with karma beads collection


Group photo with the other celebrities, personalities, and the Thomas Sabo management

Well, many important events coming up such as Mother’s Day, why not pamper your  mom by buying her a matching set of classic collection perhaps, or even the rebel at heart?

Will continue to update you with the latest fashion news soon 🙂

Keep Fab,

Mei Sze