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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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27 Sep

Property hunting – The Riyang Happy Garden

Ben and I have been living together for a year plus now and don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our condominium from its amenities to its location. However, when you think of starting a family, a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit isn’t such a good size. So, yes we are house hunting.  I prefer a large condo while Ben prefers a landed house, so how do we choose? Well, we’ve decided to be open to both and see how it goes. Recently, we came across a condo that could suit us. It's located in the heart of the City, and connected to major highways, which is a plus! If you are looking towards a size of 4B3b or 5B4b, this apartment...
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16 May

A full life as a mother after having cancer

I have met Pei Shan since getting together with Ben, as they were close friends, and he did mentioned to me before that Pei Shan used to have cancer. Of course back then, I didn’t want to pry too much as Ben didn’t know too much as well. It must have been a true coincidence that Pei Shan recently contacted Ben for assistance on a matter, and when he went to see her, he saw her with her two lovely boys, Lucas, and Liam! He came back very inspired, and told me, “Loo Pei Shan is one amazing person, how she can laugh, and smile and truly act like no cares in the world after experiencing cancer and it’s treatment!’’ A sneak...
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20 Nov

The significance of my 2015 Birthday

It's been a whole month since I have written in this little space and I have to apologize as I have been travelling the entire month! Two countries in one month is not a feat someone with my health should try!!!!! This month has been a month of reminisce and pondering as it has been a whole year since my last birthday month of course and also a whole year since the dreaded 2014 for me. It is also this month that I realize that I am not as strong as I want to be YET. The mind wants to do so much but the body can only do so much.. and it has taken me a whole year to realize...
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23 Feb

The Essence of Chinese New Year in Malaysia

Before I begin, Happy Chinese New Year!! Gong Hei Fatt Choy, May the goat year be a lucky, prosperous, and healthy one for all of you;) Recently a friend asked me right before Chinese New Year , "Did having cancer change your perspective on life?" My answer is a definite "Yes"! I not only have a different perspective on what it is meant to live but I truly appreciate the people, and things around me ALOT more. I started realizing how unique Malaysia is as a country this Chinese New Year especially.. Things I probably never noticed before stood out this time around. For example, the one thing I saw alot of during this CNY was how the "sau kung Jau" was celebrated...
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