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13 Dec

Parents who think they know best

Most of the time when our parents dictate what we should do and what's best for us as their children, they are actually correct about 80% of the time except when it comes to a few things:   - What course we should take in college? The three main professions of doctor,lawyer and engineer is not necessarily better for teenagers if they don't even like the subject. Most of them have to re-take courses and some graduate and never ever touch the major they studied ever again   - Migrating for the benefit of the children This one is the main reason I have decided to write this post. Many parents in Malaysia are starting to yank their children away from their schools to migrate while...
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11 Sep

Unearthing Anorexia Nervosa

If you must know, I was invited to be on Bella (NTV7) to speak about eating disorders recently and I myself learnt alot through talking about it and sharing it from a psychological viewpoint. Eating disorders has been deeply rooted in my heart recently because a friend's sister is going through it and I share the pain him and his family face when it's co-morbid with depression as well. I can't go into much details here but it truly saddens me to hear someone going through any eating disorder especially when it's closer to home. Plus, I get scared when people around me go on crazy diet regimes to exercise or take laxatives to lose weight because it spells trouble for...
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