It felt like yesterday that I was writing about their Spring/Summer collection, and now we are at Autumn/Winter for Thomas Sabo!!! As you guys may know, one thing about Thomas Sabo is that they definitely have variety when it comes to style, and choices for both males and females.

It’s the same with this collection, and one of my favorite collections from this season would be the Infinity & Together collection which is inspired by the universal ‘Together’ language


It’s elegant, and basic enough to pair with anything as you can see


I was wearing the infinity collection necklace with my casual wear here, so delicate

Well, back to the other collections which I like


The Triangle collection which has diamond infused ones too exudes¬†urban coolness with unique charisma… Basically very edgy and can be paired with anything as well. Perfect for that night out to a bar ūüôā


We also have the Egyption collection which is culture-inspired by the Nile Treasures range convinces with its Egyptian symbols of protection featuring abstracted designs


Fiona, Xandria, Amber, lil ol me, Phoebe, Dr.Lawrence, Tricia, and Kelly (from L to R) wearing the latest collection in our myriad of colorful dresses


A closer look at the collection that we have on


If you take a closer look at my bracelet, I am wearing the together collection bracelet which is oh-so-fine and suitable for any occasion or outfit

Well, I may be having tea with you guys soon and Thomas Sabo, let’s see whether I can make it happen ūüôā


Mei Sze