You know how many of us always find it a hassle to bring a spare change of clothing to  head out at night right after work? I know I do, and I usually wear clothes that I can transition in just by doing simple things such as adding an accessory, or simply changing my heels!

Here are 4 outfits I did it with from Doublewoot!

  1. Dalfretta (Powder Blue) has a mandarin collar which is perfect for a corporate meeting, or simply for work, paired with a pair of nude heels

untitled RICE1504_copy

Transformed it for night by adding a necklace from Thomas Sabo and a pair of stiletto white heels!!! You’d be surprise how far a pair of white heels can bring you!

untitled RICE1516_copy

2. Dozxis which I wore for a recent Thomas sabo event. Once again, I paired the dress with a pair of nude heels, and tied my hair for the day look

untitled RICE1474_copy

And voila, let your hair loose and pair it with a pair of strappy heels for a night out!

untitled RICE1488_copy

3. Diones peach is a dress for all occassions! It’s sweet and flirty, which means you can wear it for a lunch meeting, and even wear it at night to attend an event, or simply for dinner

untitled RICE1539_copy

untitled RICE1556_copy

4. Dejayna navy is one of my favourite pieces! It looks so corporate when paired with a blazer, that’s truly all you need for the day look

untitled RICE1577_copy

Remove the blazer for the night look, and of course mess your hair a little and you are ready to party!

untitled RICE1586_copy

Hope you guys liked the pieces I chose to make the transition from the day to night as simple as a few minutes, and with no additional money spent!

Do let me know what else you guys would like to see for my future lookbooks K?

Have a great week!!