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Author: Mei Sze

19 Sep

Seoul : Insadong Street – Arts, Food, Culture

My favourite street in Seoul is Insadong. Why I love it? What's not to love with the mixture of coffee shops, traditional food, desserts, shopping AND culture!!! Re-visited that street 3 times over one week. It's known to Koreans for art and culture because there are different art pieces for sale, quirky stuff, and also museums! The first thing I went for of course is the famous ICE CREAM shop. This twisted ice cream cone is actually fairly new in Korea and has tons of people lining up for it.. First, grab a cone, then bring your desired cone to a guy where he will insert the ice cream And voila - Twisted ice cream cone for consumption. However, if you are not...
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16 Sep

Seoul : Hongdae Night Life – Food, Coffe, Karaoke

For my South Korea journey, I want to share as much with you as possible because I had a great time and did quite alot of things, thanks to my friends who were there :) Hope this will serve as a guide for all of you when you visit Seoul as a tourist, don't want you to be hoodwink into just going to touristy locations! So, our first non-tourist destination thanks to Jamie Liew  , a Malaysian friend who's currently studying there is HONGDAE! How do you get there exactly? Easiest way: Take the subway to the Hongik University stop, exit Station 9! Try not to take the cabs especially during peak hours because most of the cabs we got into couldn't understand...
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11 Sep

Unearthing Anorexia Nervosa

If you must know, I was invited to be on Bella (NTV7) to speak about eating disorders recently and I myself learnt alot through talking about it and sharing it from a psychological viewpoint. Eating disorders has been deeply rooted in my heart recently because a friend's sister is going through it and I share the pain him and his family face when it's co-morbid with depression as well. I can't go into much details here but it truly saddens me to hear someone going through any eating disorder especially when it's closer to home. Plus, I get scared when people around me go on crazy diet regimes to exercise or take laxatives to lose weight because it spells trouble for...
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