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17 Jul

First time – RevLite Laser to improve skin condition

I have resisted time and time again to do any form of laser on my skin as recommended by many skin specialists as I have pretty huge open pores on my face. Not only that, I do have my monthly breakouts which causes blemishes. Finally, after much thought, I made a decision to try laser at Ido's Clinic because Dr.Gan mentioned it's fine for the skin, non-evasive(like to hear that), and does not hurt. Plus, there's NO downtime :) Before laser Open pores As you can tell from my Before pictures, the open pores do not make my skin look smooth. I actually got these open pores because when I was younger, my mother wanted to...
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23 Jun

Skin products that does wonders – Ido’s Clinic

Recently, my skin started looking very dull and has turned yellow because I go under the sun ALOT!!!!! I run at least 3 times a week and try to go swimming more often. The thing is, I don't really trust over the counter brands when it comes to my skin because some of these products are not suitable for Asian skin. Plus, I prefer naturally manufactured products. All good things must be shared, and hence I would like to share with you a skincare I have been using for only ONE WEEK and to show you the improvement it has made to my face...
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16 Mar

Daily Beauty Regime

It has been going up to 7 months that I first started seeking help from DrX Clinic at Plaza Damas in Hartamas. Just to re-cap, they are an aesthetics clinic that specializes on the face, such as treating people with pimple skin, pigmentation, pores,etc. They started in Singapore and has now branched out to Malaysia. Before the help of DrX Clinic, I was using off the counter products from Shu Uemura which wasn't good for my skin at times.. However, I really started taking care of my face and skin upon advise and products from Dr.Jason Yip. What I really liked is that, they guided me through the entire process From writing my daily beauty regime down for me, to teaching me how...
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