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12 Aug

Perfect hair with Aki Hair Studio

I have been going to Aki Hair Studio for the past 3 years. Their  service along with their styling is nothing short of perfect. One of the main problems is that I myself don’t spend the time to do treatments and maintenance.

Can you imagine that my Japanese stylist – Eiji San has to remind me to come? And finally I did to basically do everything to my hair!

As my hair had blacks growing half out already, a colour was needed but I wanted to go lighter without bleaching as my hair was too dry.

A hair treatment was then done using natural ingredients from Viege

Meticulous handling by Daphne

I love the smell of the treatment consisting of vegetables and fruits

Japanese green tea or any other drinks from the menu is served

Finally, a trim to maintain my long bob

Eiji san hails from Tokyo and he is a senior stylist as well as a trainer

Now, my hair is back to being healthy as long as I am NOT lazy!!

What Ben keeps grilling into me is to pamper myself sometimes which I don’t because I am saving up for our new place 🙂 It’s when I visit Aki Hair studio that I am reminded of how long I haven’t stepped in. I am writing about Aki Hair Studio because they are professional in terms of styling using Japanese ways of cutting and treatment. So, expect to sit in there for a tad longer if you are cutting your hair. Don’t worry because the ambience of the place is pretty good for chilling and sipping on your drink .

Address : Verve shop Mont’Kiara unit 6-1, level 6,  Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Number: 03-6206 5206


Mei Sze

Choo Mei Sze
  • Sharon Ong

    Following your recommendation, I went to Aki Hair Studio yesterday. My experience was extremely unpleasant. Aki is very unprofessional. I went for a simple dye touch up and he totally botched it up. After he finished I still found many strands of grey hair. When I told him about it, I was totally astonished when he simply replied – ‘so?’. He did not even apologise for his total incompetence. I was really taken aback by his manner and told him, ‘aren’t you going to rectify it?’ After some contemplation, he agreed to redo the job. I ended up subjecting myself to the harmful dyes a second time, this time without scalp protection! Moreover, my family and I had to spend another hour and a half at the hairdresser and had to cancel our planned outing to the cinema. I had spent so much of money only to be left miserable and with an aching head and throughout the ordeal not a word of apology from this idiot Aki.

    August 23, 2018 at 3:06 pm