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21 Mar

Skin Treatments with and without lasers

Many girls have thought of doing laser on their skins, especially those with unever skin due to acne, or marks like me. I have tried it once, and it definitely improved my skin, but I had so many questions before actually proceeding with it. So, I have broken down the lasers into two different types for you guys to understand a little more. Lasers Used to Treat Skin Issues If you choose to undergo some sort of laser treatment, you'll be glad to know that all of them are far less invasive and time consuming than surgical procedures. In fact, you can be in and out of most laser treatment procedures in less than 60 minutes and get back to regular activities...
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22 Oct

Paying it forward at Ronald McDonald House (RMH)

Driving into PPUKM (Pusat Perubatan University Kebangsaan Malaysia) or also known as HUKM in Cheras, I was pleasantly surprised by how huge the vicinity was. Nested deep within the hospital grounds was something that surprised me even more – a beautifully refurbished and fun accommodation for families of children receiving treatment at the hospital. They also welcome families who are receiving treatment from other hospitals too, and they give priority to those from out of state! All it costs these families to stay here is just RM5 a night! Beautiful isn't it? Once you enter, you will be greeted by Pn.Idayu who is the house manager, and she practically works 24 HOURS because it’s open 24 hours! She is such a kind soul, and...
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16 Mar

Battle Against Cancer: Alternative Healing Treatments

Many emails and messages were sent to me asking whether I tried any alternative treatments, and truth be told, Yes, I have and AM on it at the moment for recovery and maintenance of health purposes. While I was writing my first three posts, I knew that my final post in regards to my journey will be highlighting the alternative routes I have taken for everyone out there who cares about their health. Honestly, if I needed to go for chemotherapy, I would have opted for alternative healing instead because I felt at that point of time my body was already weak, and probably won't survive chemotherapy. Thank GOD I was lucky for early detection which meant I only had to...
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