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18 Oct

Trip to Busan

As a Huge FAN of Train to Busan, Ben and I definitely had to take the trip to Busan with a train right? We stopped at Seoul first for a couple of days and got the train to Busan. You are wondering how I did it? I bought it online, my Korean friend Jasmin helped me though. However, you can also buy it yourself at the station. On the tracks, just make sure you go to the right one Such a comfortable journey. There are toilets on the train. We stayed at the a hotel on Heundae Beach which is perfect if you want to walk around at night As I was craving waffles, and we were lucky there was a juice and dessert...
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14 Jun

Things to do at Pangkor Laut Resort – From a world class spa to a sunset cruise

In my previous post, I talked about the food, accomodation, and service at Pangkor Laut resort, but what about the things to do there such as the world class spa! If you are one for working out, or just enjoying nature, I would definitely suggest waking up a little earlier to go for a guided hike which was really eye-opening especially for a city girl like me Jungle Walk This activity is led by Encik Asri who has so much passion for the wilf life and environment! He was telling us about the bats that inhabit the island and how they only stuck to one tree. The knowledge he knows and how much he can impart to us was amazing! After that, we...
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4 Jun

Pangkor Laut Resort – One Island, One Resort

Truly one island, one resort, Pangkor Laut Resort by YTL is definitely a getaway that is an unforgettable experience. If you have been following, I come to Pangkor Laut at least once a year, but this is probably my first time writing a detailed experience of my stay. Everyone constantly asks me, why do I love it so much? Well, my answer is below and they say pictures say a thousand words, and that's how this post will be. The accommodation and resort grounds  When you arrive, you are warmly greeted from the jetty all the way to the entrance where they will brief you about the resort grounds. Just the sight of what you see when you arrive already...
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21 Apr

Honeymoon : Things to do at Niseko Hokkaido

I always write a post about my travels after coming back, and what's not too write about my latest one which was my honeymoon? It was perfect to say the least. Many of you are probably wondering why choose to go Niseko which is a small town for your honeymoon? For me, it's because I wanted to go skiing, and I heard that the snow there is perfect for that! Besides it being a small town, with not much to do, just doing these few things can occupy your time. Enjoy the snow and take a walk       For us, that was one of the most important things coming from Malaysia. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around our resort area, or just in the...
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8 May

Casual beach wear lookbook

As I am such a beach bunny(can't stay away from the beach for too long), it's time to have a lookbook on the casual styles you can wear while you are at the beach be it for reading, or simply enjoying the view. The resort arrival look. Yes, you are sitting that boat/airplane to your beach destination.. why not be fashionable while you are at it? For me, all I did was pair a loose comfy pants for Dorothy Perkin's Spring/Summer 2016 collection with a one sided shoulder top, and voila, you've got the 'I am going for a beach vacation' look. You can accessories with sunnies and a pair of earrings too. 2. The walk on the beach look -...
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23 Mar

Accommodation & what I did in Maldives

How many of us have got a travel bucket list with Maldives included? I bet many right?!?! And as Maldives is an expensive place to go especially for Malaysians, never in my life would I think that I was going to be there so soon!!! Thanks to Ben, he wanted to fulfill my dreams of going to Maldives, and we did just that early March 2016! We went under the Club Med Kani package which includes food, drinks, accomodation and some activities such as sailing, snorkeling, beach volleyball,etc so that really helped us in terms of not having to pay for food and drinks which is really pricey! Here's my account of the accomodation in Club Med Kani (the trident area) which...
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20 Sep

A story that humbled me – Be Grateful

The past two weeks have humbled me in more ways than one. I always believe in the word "humility"in whatever that we are tasked to do. You may be the most successful, richest or even good looking person in the world, but if you don't have humility, the adjectives mentioned are not even worth anyone's second glance. Having said that, many events over the past year have obviously allowed me to appreciate the people around me, and feel grateful for all that I have at my age. Usually we don't take a breather and smell the roses as we are always working, waiting to purchase our first property, buy that latest car, or even spending time spewing hatred on social media. This...
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17 Jun

Rest, Relax & Shop at 2nd Floor East – Berjaya Times Square

Let me ask you a question? How many times have you been to Berjaya Times Square if you live in the Petaling Jaya area? For me, I can safely say I have been less than 5 x since it was build 13 years ago!!!! I didn't know they have so many new themed zones in the recent years with the most recent one making you feel like you are in a different mall, and it's meant for rest and relaxation! When I was invited to check it out, I was super skeptical but lo and behold, I choked and was pleasantly surprised...
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