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16 May

A full life as a mother after having cancer

I have met Pei Shan since getting together with Ben, as they were close friends, and he did mentioned to me before that Pei Shan used to have cancer. Of course back then, I didn’t want to pry too much as Ben didn’t know too much as well. It must have been a true coincidence that Pei Shan recently contacted Ben for assistance on a matter, and when he went to see her, he saw her with her two lovely boys, Lucas, and Liam! He came back very inspired, and told me, “Loo Pei Shan is one amazing person, how she can laugh, and smile and truly act like no cares in the world after experiencing cancer and it’s treatment!’’ A sneak...
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28 Mar

To Stand up to cancer with confidence

When someone is stricken with the Big-C, many people will start having negative thoughts, and emotions leading to a weaker physical state as well. And, that’s exactly what a Big-C patient shouldn’t do, wallow in self-pity, or feel afraid but to face it with confidence. Basically, staring at it in the face, and say ‘Bring it On’, I am going to overcome this and come out the other side stronger, and that’s what I practiced from the start. I believe many cancer patients like myself faced not only the emotional, and mental anguish BUT the financial bit too because cancer treatment and surgery is very expensive!!!! If you read, you guys would know what I went through HERE in terms...
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29 Feb

Episode 5 : A New Norm – Silver Lining

In the final episode of the first season of a new norm, you will all finally meet Ben, who I've shared so much of on this blog, and in my videos, and posts! He has supported, loved, cried, and simply was with me throughout this whole Big-C experience and he is now here to share his side of the story and give encouragement to other caretakers out there who are caring for loved ones with cancer or illnesses!!! We have been travelling ever since I started gaining energy because he knows I love it :)   Thank you for watching so far! If you guys want to continue to #sharestrength and be a part of the movement, remember to comment, SHARE, and hashtag sharestrength...
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18 Feb

Episode 4 : A New Norm – Living

The greatest gift that GOD gave me was a second chance in life, and I always have to remind myself of this gift! This episode features another young cancer survivor, and we both talked about the power of sharing, and how it may help others to know what it feels like to be able to truly LIVE that is not normal for our ages, but special <3     Remember to SHARE, comment, and hashtag #sharestrength if you think and know this will help someone...
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28 Jan

First Episode: A new Norm – Understanding

Words cannot describe how I feel right now as this post is the THE launch post for my web series. It took me 6 months to write about my experience with the Big-C, and 1.5 years to take the guts to share it publicly in person, details I have never shared before. In conjunction with World Cancer Day on February 4th, this web series  along with my #sharestrength movementsis launched in partnership with Suppagood collective Why the #sharestrength movement and what is it? It is basically a movement I started a couple of months back after seeing the overwhelming response from all around the world (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and even the United States) after I shared my story. Thanks to your feedbacks, comments,...
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2 Aug

#ShareStrength Project – Finding the right Doctor

I've been meaning to start this project for quite some time now, but with a little push from my managing team and the right idea, I am finally starting it off!!!!!!!!! This idea actually came about with all of your support in my daily writings especially about my Big-C experiences, and how some of your heartfelt messages on how the posts inspired or motivated you spurred this project on. The final push came when two readers seek my advice on colon related doctors AND I manage to convince one to seek medical help instead of doing nothing...
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