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12 Aug

Perfect hair with Aki Hair Studio

I have been going to Aki Hair Studio for the past 3 years. Their  service along with their styling is nothing short of perfect. One of the main problems is that I myself don't spend the time to do treatments and maintenance. Can you imagine that my Japanese stylist - Eiji San has to remind me to come? And finally I did to basically do everything to my hair! As my hair had blacks growing half out already, a colour was needed but I wanted to go lighter without bleaching as my hair was too dry. A hair treatment was then done using natural ingredients from Viege Meticulous handling by Daphne I love the smell of the treatment consisting of vegetables and fruits Japanese green tea...
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3 Mar

Meiz Travels : Experience in Koh Lipe

My first trip of the year was to Koh Lipe for some much needed R & R. The question that comes to mind is what to do when you are there correct? For me, all I wanted to do was swim, read a book and relax BUT that didn't happen. Why? The JOURNEY there was quite difficult as there's no direct flights, you would need to fly to Langkawi and then take a ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe. The thing about that is that when you arrive in Koh Lipe, there's no proper dock and you would need to transfer ALL your bags from the ferry into a 'sampan' or a longtail boat. From there, you will then need...
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4 Nov

Makoto Japanese Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas – Live Unagi Eel & Japanese Unagi chef

When I do a food review here, you know it MUST be good! Last week, I was completely amazed by this quaint little Unagi specialty restaurant at Desa Sri Hartamas. Not only was the ambience inviting, and warm, but they were authentic. The main thing I love about Makoto is that it has a skilled unagi chef who is flown down to prepare and cook unagi for Malaysians here. Plus, they are the first restaurant in Malaysia to fly the live eels down twice a week from Tokyo! Before I begin showing you the courses I eat, please note that they have a seasonal menu so the food I ate might not be there anymore in 2 months. Time to brace yourself...
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4 Jun

Pangkor Laut Resort – One Island, One Resort

Truly one island, one resort, Pangkor Laut Resort by YTL is definitely a getaway that is an unforgettable experience. If you have been following, I come to Pangkor Laut at least once a year, but this is probably my first time writing a detailed experience of my stay. Everyone constantly asks me, why do I love it so much? Well, my answer is below and they say pictures say a thousand words, and that's how this post will be. The accommodation and resort grounds  When you arrive, you are warmly greeted from the jetty all the way to the entrance where they will brief you about the resort grounds. Just the sight of what you see when you arrive already...
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17 Apr

Food Review : Mr. Wolf PJ

Two things about me is : 1. I love to eat, and 2. I'm greedy especially when it comes to food !! One of the restaurants I would like to share with you especially for brunch as they serve a pretty different type of brunch is Mr. Wolf PJ, located at 5, Jalan ss23/11, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor ! It's a little difficult to find, but if you are a PJ person, it shouldn't be a problem :) So, let's bring you through the restaurant and it's food! The restaurant bit of Mr. Wolf, they have a bar too located upstairs I love their swing chairs, and kids love it too! Truly says alot about my thinking style! To the wolf's Den, meaning...
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2 May

Penhaligon Trade Routes

Imagine wearing a luxury fragrance inspired during the days of the British Empire which streteched from Hong Kong in the Far East, all the way to the British West Indies in the Caribbean and consisting of large territories such as India and Australia? During it's time, it was the largest empire in human history and at its height 20% of the world’s population lived in the empire. Trade routes brought back to the British Isles many precious and exotic commodities from the colonies which were piled high on the quaysides and docks. Britain collected some of the rarest treasures in dizzying abundance; making London the Warehouse of the World, much to the envy of other nations. I am a history buff and...
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12 Apr

TAP by Seeties – Sponsorships & Invites to parties?

When you travel free and easy, what's the thing most of us do before going into another country? Read reviews on where to eat and what to do right, through blogs mostly. What if you can find all of these bloggers on one platform? That's what Seeties is all about, a single platform where all the bloggers are located to share with you the local food stalls, where to hike, where to party,etc, and it's available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore most active digital users use Seeties to share and discover the best things happening in their cities and abroad!!! Like when I travel to Japan, Vietnam,etc., you can read about my recommendation not only here but on Seeties.me or...
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5 Apr

Hanoi: Top Hotels and Spa comparison

One to travel in comfort, one of the things I won't stinge on is accommodation! When I do my research on hotels to travel too, some of my criteria would be: - Location - English proficiency of Staff located at hotel -Cleanliness -Amenities(if I decide to stay in and chill at the hotel) -Reviews on TripAdvisor -Pricing For Hanoi, I chose the two best hotels to stay at and want to share it with you, especially those going soon or planning to head there. Lotte Hotel Hanoi Recently opened September 2014, it stays true to it's review stating it's luxurious and 5 star rated. When you arrive, there will be bellboys carrying your bag up and greeted happily at the reception! You already feel welcomed! Huge and impressive lobby as...
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31 Mar

Opening of the the largest Gadget and Mobile Phone Store in Malaysia – Direct D

If you hang out with  me, you will probably realize I have quite a fair bit of gadgets with me, 2 phones and 1 tablet, and 1 Olympus EPL7 at most times. I was recently invited to attend the largest Gadget and Mobile Phone Store opening in Malaysia, and boy was I impressed by the services offered and products available! Direct D opened it's 6th outlet along Federal Highway(next to the Mazda showroom) on the 30th of March! You can see it as you are driving along the highway. It's huge, on 18,000 square feet of land, and has two floors!! The main entrance with it's huge reception counter. Doesn't feel like a gadget store at all! Just name it, and it's there!! All the...
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4 Mar

Staycation at Traders Hotel

To live life joyfully and without abandon is an art or I would say not many have mastered! And this is exactly what I am trying to do with my life nowadays..Instead of fretting over the small stuff, and overworking myself, I will take time off when needed to rest and relax!! To be honest, this should not be only for me who's had experience a life-changing condition BUT should be for anyone.. the two words.. "Living fearlessly" It was with this notion that I made a decision to bring Ben for a short staycation at a hotel located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I've been to Traders in Singapore to stay and absolutely loved the service albeit the rooms...
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