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27 Sep

Property hunting – The Riyang Happy Garden

Ben and I have been living together for a year plus now and don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our condominium from its amenities to its location. However, when you think of starting a family, a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom unit isn’t such a good size. So, yes we are house hunting.  I prefer a large condo while Ben prefers a landed house, so how do we choose? Well, we’ve decided to be open to both and see how it goes. Recently, we came across a condo that could suit us. It's located in the heart of the City, and connected to major highways, which is a plus! If you are looking towards a size of 4B3b or 5B4b, this apartment...
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29 Oct

My wedding highlights and theme

Finally, I've managed to squeeze in time to write my second and final post for my  wedding  because we know how wedding planning is a pain right?! Putting this together put a smile on my face because it was a truly memorable day, because of the fun, and it turned out how I envisioned it. For a fuss free gal like me, I wanted many of my personal touches during my wedding day which resulted in me having a theme and guess what it was?!? *Dramatic pause* First of all, HEALTHY was the theme, and BLUE AND WHITE for the dress code...
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2 Dec

Journey of Mei Sze’s ROM

If you have met me a couple of years back, or even when I was growing up, I would be the one adamantly telling you I don't believe in marriage, and I am fine with having children without being married. It could be the feminist within me but I have always thought that marriage is just a paper you sign to legally bind you to one another and in a way, force you to stay together. For me, loving someone else and willing to live the rest of your live with another person should be enough right?!? Well, guess what?!? I registered my marriage a couple of days ago to a guy which you all know, Ben because he made me...
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15 Aug

Wedding Planning Shockers

For a girl who didn't believe in marriage for the longest time(Yes, I am talking about myself), the past week since my engagement has been hectic and I was basically left in shock many times! Trust me girls and guys, if you are about to be engaged, this post may actually give you a huge jolt of reality like it did for me.. So, you know how girls always dream of a fairy-tale wedding ever since they were kids, how they would play dress-up,etc...
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15 Apr

Love: How to Propose 101

Not like I have been proposed to but many guys go through the nerve wrecking process of planning and thinking whether their partner would say "Yes", and it somehow involved me over the past couple of months that I thought it would be a great topic to write about! This post can be for any guy for that matter, or even girl, as long as you are nearing that period in your relationship and you want to take it to the next level! Ben Lim was saying I should write about something that not everyone knows, but the general parts of a proposal may not even be understood by many! Here are some tips to consider before you take the leap...
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