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27 May

A new way to send flowers with Haagen Dazs

All of us are looking for gifts for our parents, especially during these two months where father's and mother's day are so close together!!! For me, I always buy a single stalk of rose for my mom, grandmother, and auntie each every year, or a bouquet of flowers. However, I've just learnt that Haagen Dazs recently came up with an amazing idea to pair their limited edition ice cream flavours called the Little Garden Collection (either Lychee Rose Raspberry OR Apricot Lavender flavour) with bespoke flowers from BloomThis !! The little Garden bundle comes with both flavours and the flowers at RM119 inclusive of delivery on the BloomThis website from May 16th to July 31st. DISCOUNT CODE for all of my readers: Best...
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2 May

Penhaligon Trade Routes

Imagine wearing a luxury fragrance inspired during the days of the British Empire which streteched from Hong Kong in the Far East, all the way to the British West Indies in the Caribbean and consisting of large territories such as India and Australia? During it's time, it was the largest empire in human history and at its height 20% of the world’s population lived in the empire. Trade routes brought back to the British Isles many precious and exotic commodities from the colonies which were piled high on the quaysides and docks. Britain collected some of the rarest treasures in dizzying abundance; making London the Warehouse of the World, much to the envy of other nations. I am a history buff and...
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10 Nov

Gaya Island Resort – Day 1

Yes, I was traveling again.. but this time for leisure with Ben to another YTL establishment but this one was located in Sabah which means we had to fly there which is a little bit of a hassle compared to driving but the journey is about the same inclusive of arriving at the check-in lounge for the resort! Just FYI, all pictures taken was with my new Olympus EPL7!! So, you will get to see it's functions through my pictures along the way...
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29 Sep

Why I keep going back to Pangkor Laut Resort

Everyone's always asking me "Why do you always go back to Pangkor Laut resort when you can spend the money elsewhere?!" My answer is the below besides the fact that it's affordable through the Resident package which includes 3 days 2 nights stay plus 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts and ferry transport for two people! 1. Attentive service and awesome room which is huge From the start when you arrive at the registration at Marina Island, you would be treated very well with drinks and tidbits served while you are waiting The room itself is HUGE and spans all the way to the back with two separate washing area and a huge tub which can fit two people..I love lazing around in the...
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