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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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10 Jun

Living life with Stage 4 breast cancer

I promised I would write about Christy who is a stage 4 breast cancer patient on my Facebook recently. One of the main reasons is how I am so in awe with her story and her optimism. Diagnosis Christy here found out she had breast cancer through a routine check in October 2016. Due to financial and emotional stress from her divorce, she felt that had a huge impact on her getting breast cancer. She couldn't accept her diagnosis at first,  but she finally did when she found out that the cancer had spread to her liver. In early 2017, she got her left breast removed along with her lymph nodes. After chemotherapy, she found out her  cancer had spread to her neck,...
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28 Jan

First Episode: A new Norm – Understanding

Words cannot describe how I feel right now as this post is the THE launch post for my web series. It took me 6 months to write about my experience with the Big-C, and 1.5 years to take the guts to share it publicly in person, details I have never shared before. In conjunction with World Cancer Day on February 4th, this web series  along with my #sharestrength movementsis launched in partnership with Suppagood collective Why the #sharestrength movement and what is it? It is basically a movement I started a couple of months back after seeing the overwhelming response from all around the world (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and even the United States) after I shared my story. Thanks to your feedbacks, comments,...
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21 Dec

Say “I Love you” this Christmas to your loved ones!

How many times have you said "I love You" especially to your parents? Many of us who live with our parents don't say it enough, what about the ones that live away? I bet they say it an average of once a year during their parents birthdays? For me, I always say it as a "Love You" when I am going out of the house but I've never really sat down with my mom to say "I Love you" until recently when we did a shoot together! As this year was a very trying year for me with me being in and out of the hospital so often, I am honestly grateful that I have my mom to take care of me...
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11 Jun

Psychology: Problemist or Solutionist?

Another article worthy of writing as I believe this problem arises in many relationships, and even in arguments with friends, family,etc. When we are involved in an argument, many of us are mired in the cause of the argument, or to start playing the "blame game". However, the question is "Are we actually solving the problem?" or just making it worse than it already is. Recently, I  myself was involved in an argument, and I kept dwelling on how to talk about "feelings", and "the relationship" itself before my friend stop me short...
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15 Apr

Love: How to Propose 101

Not like I have been proposed to but many guys go through the nerve wrecking process of planning and thinking whether their partner would say "Yes", and it somehow involved me over the past couple of months that I thought it would be a great topic to write about! This post can be for any guy for that matter, or even girl, as long as you are nearing that period in your relationship and you want to take it to the next level! Ben Lim was saying I should write about something that not everyone knows, but the general parts of a proposal may not even be understood by many! Here are some tips to consider before you take the leap...
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31 Mar

Love:Is that person right for you?

My friends and I were just chatting after the Pavilion Pitstop event the past Friday about the three things that you want in a partner, and my friend Kit Mah urged me to write more posts on love.. So, here it is guys..   Kit and I right before a couple of us had a conversation on what you would look for in a partner Honestly, after the age of 25, be it girls or boys, many of us don't want to waste time dating different people in hopes of finding the right one. If it's not working out, you can try and try again, but based on personal experiences as well, the arguments won't stop most of the time, and it's just...
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