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7 Mar

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer 2017 Collection

It's a new year which means new beginnings and new jewellery of course! This year, Thomas Sabo brought something fresh, exciting and cultural to the table with strong and vibrant colours. What am I talking about? Their new Africa range where metallic look meets warm, earthy tones. The pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings from the Africa range have a strong graphic flair as a result of their innovative layering technique.     The Africa Silver and Gold collection and that's where you can see the melding of metallic and warm tones Thomas Sabo Sprimg Summer 2017 had their range of Rebel at Heart for males and females which infused cultural elements such as spearheads, feathers, and my favourite dream catcher pendants Rebel at Heart for the...
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16 Oct

What disease may be a silent killer?

Being a health advocate, I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle (or I would like to think), such as eating right (more fruits and vegetables, hardly any red meat or oily food), exercising and trying to reduce stress. Even prior to having cancer, I lead this type of lifestyle except less exercising and I was sometimes overwhelmed with stress. Although cancer came as a shocker, and I started changing my lifestyle after to prevent a relapse, my mom throughout the entire time for the past 10 years has been living with Type 2 Diabetes. When we first found out, all of us tried to encourage her to change her habits especially eating less carbohydrates and sweet things. However, as the years went...
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23 Apr

Decorating my home

It's been awhile but I really wanted to give you guys a glimpse of my humble abode since decorating it! For someone like me who has no aesthetic sense, I can honestly tell you it was difficult to look for furniture to match the theme I wanted which was modern, airy, comfortable yet contained hues of blue(my favourite color). Plus, I couldn't put too much furniture in, as it's not a huge apartment that I live in. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every bit of looking and buying furniture, but getting it at the RIGHT price was the hardest part, and I'm sure many homeowners agree! So, a friend recommended me this place called KP Signature located along Jalan Ipoh....
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17 Apr

Food Review : Mr. Wolf PJ

Two things about me is : 1. I love to eat, and 2. I'm greedy especially when it comes to food !! One of the restaurants I would like to share with you especially for brunch as they serve a pretty different type of brunch is Mr. Wolf PJ, located at 5, Jalan ss23/11, Taman Sea, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor ! It's a little difficult to find, but if you are a PJ person, it shouldn't be a problem :) So, let's bring you through the restaurant and it's food! The restaurant bit of Mr. Wolf, they have a bar too located upstairs I love their swing chairs, and kids love it too! Truly says alot about my thinking style! To the wolf's Den, meaning...
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9 Mar

GIVEAWAY : How to save my drying skin?

I recently came back from Maldives and due to the scorching sun, and drying sea water, my skin started peeling!!!! What more, after arriving back in KL, I had to host two events immediately, and had to put make-up which means more chemicals to my skin!!! I usually hydrate my skin with MORE than 8 glasses of waters a day, fruits, and moisturizer but it didn't help! How can I leave the Maldivian sun right? So, I found out how important having the right moisturiser is and the good thing is I found Cetaphil which is a skincare organisation that delivers quality skincare solutions. Cetaphil has over 60 years of proven success, and the brand is the recommended choice by dermatologists around...
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4 Jul

An eye-opening Experience with Genetic Testing

A few things before reading this, if you are afraid of blood, please don't look at the second picture closely, and if you are not the type of person who cares about your health and wellbeing, don't bother reading the post. Recently, I manage to make time to get my genes tested after much nagging from my dad because a surgeon told me to do it once I have done my surgery, it allows me to know which cancers I am more prone too. My mom on the other hand was apprehensive as she was afraid I would freak out upon knowing the results but what Dr.Rajban(consulting doctor for The Laureate) said that struck me is this.. "You are born with the genes,...
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28 Jun

One year later after having Cancer

I can never in my life of mine especially at this age imagine that I would be writing this or even have a title of a post that would say this on my blog. Recently, I was brought back to the reality that hit me a year ago on the same month and as I am writing this, it's actually the first day of checking in for surgery. After cancer, I vowed to myself that I would change my life no matter what it takes because my doctor was telling me since I DO NOT have genetic history of colon, ovarian or breast cancer, there could be a possibility it's stressed induced as I got it at such a young age! But, you...
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16 Mar

Battle Against Cancer: Alternative Healing Treatments

Many emails and messages were sent to me asking whether I tried any alternative treatments, and truth be told, Yes, I have and AM on it at the moment for recovery and maintenance of health purposes. While I was writing my first three posts, I knew that my final post in regards to my journey will be highlighting the alternative routes I have taken for everyone out there who cares about their health. Honestly, if I needed to go for chemotherapy, I would have opted for alternative healing instead because I felt at that point of time my body was already weak, and probably won't survive chemotherapy. Thank GOD I was lucky for early detection which meant I only had to...
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