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3 May

Thomas Sabo Spring/Summer collection 2018 and Generation Charm Club

This Spring/summer 2018 season, Thomas Sabo is focusing on their sterling silver collection. It focuses on individual look and cultural diversity. On top of that, they are also reinventing their charm collection with their Generation Charm Club Collection. The Spring/Summer range extends from artistic, tropically mythical motifs through to edgy wearable hinged hoops, as new style codes of the season. Here are some designs that I like because of the colours and artistic individualism. Ta-da - the new Generation Charm collection, and you can see the edgy charms yet it exudes a high fashion look I personally liked the Tropical theme from the Sterling silver range because it has various colours, yet it can match with any piece of clothing you wear. I...
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27 Oct

Yearning for the Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter 2017 collection

Thomas Sabo recently launched their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, and there were so many pieces I liked. This round, the jewellery featured two central themes of contemporary lifestyle which was yearning for the faraway and love of the familiar. Such romanticism is hard to come by, and that's why I am in love with their jewellery. My favourite together collection deserves to be the first picture. The latest collection features a sparkling heart and a ring engraved with ‘Together’ merge into an unified pendant Isn't it pretty? My other favourite would be the Glam & soul collection. The graphic circular designs such as the circular pendants is everlasting and allows me to wear it anywhere *winkz* I love what the Tree Of love collection stands for...
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7 Mar

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer 2017 Collection

It's a new year which means new beginnings and new jewellery of course! This year, Thomas Sabo brought something fresh, exciting and cultural to the table with strong and vibrant colours. What am I talking about? Their new Africa range where metallic look meets warm, earthy tones. The pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings from the Africa range have a strong graphic flair as a result of their innovative layering technique.     The Africa Silver and Gold collection and that's where you can see the melding of metallic and warm tones Thomas Sabo Sprimg Summer 2017 had their range of Rebel at Heart for males and females which infused cultural elements such as spearheads, feathers, and my favourite dream catcher pendants Rebel at Heart for the...
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28 Nov

New Fashion Label – Maarimaia

This is my lookbook for the month of November, and it's in conjunction with the launch of a new fashion label in Malaysia - Maarimaia !!! The designer is my bestie with the same name - May Sze!!!! Well, I've been holding onto the pictures for a long time now, and the website will finally launch on the 7th of December. I can say the designs are perfect for the office, and also for a woman who's always on the go. Here's a sneak peek to the designs: Love the colour and quality of the fabric for this piece :) This outfit is a match of top and bottom. The good thing about it is that you can mix and match with other tops...
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4 Oct

Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter collection

It felt like yesterday that I was writing about their Spring/Summer collection, and now we are at Autumn/Winter for Thomas Sabo!!! As you guys may know, one thing about Thomas Sabo is that they definitely have variety when it comes to style, and choices for both males and females. It's the same with this collection, and one of my favorite collections from this season would be the Infinity & Together collection which is inspired by the universal 'Together' language It's elegant, and basic enough to pair with anything as you can see I was wearing the infinity collection necklace with my casual wear here, so delicate Well, back to the other collections which I like The Triangle collection which has diamond infused ones too exudes urban...
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2 Jun

Corporate attire lookbook

From day to night look, to dresses fit for your long days at the office. We need a comfortable one piece that we can attend conferences in, have meetings, and just work right? So, I've managed to curate a few looks which is simple for all of you to style on your own. All of the dresses are from Doublewoot. Defina in Navy is a perfect corporate dress. It's warm enough for the cold conference and meeting rooms, and you it's dark enough to pair with any coloured heels The back is simple yet accentuate your curves 2. This white dress is yet to be on the website, but I really like it because it's not too tight and it allows movement Sitting...
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8 May

Casual beach wear lookbook

As I am such a beach bunny(can't stay away from the beach for too long), it's time to have a lookbook on the casual styles you can wear while you are at the beach be it for reading, or simply enjoying the view. The resort arrival look. Yes, you are sitting that boat/airplane to your beach destination.. why not be fashionable while you are at it? For me, all I did was pair a loose comfy pants for Dorothy Perkin's Spring/Summer 2016 collection with a one sided shoulder top, and voila, you've got the 'I am going for a beach vacation' look. You can accessories with sunnies and a pair of earrings too. 2. The walk on the beach look -...
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14 Apr

Thomas Sabo Spring Summer 2016

Loving Thomas Sabo jewelry is one thing, but loving their well thought out, and intimate events is another! That's exactly it, the fact that they can throw lovely events which I love to attend, yet showcase their jewelry and accessories so well during the event. Their latest spring/summer collection was no different in terms of wow-ing their fans, from filigree feather ornaments through to artful Maori tattoo-inspired designs at Ciao Ristorante! Elegant and classy set-up for the dinner As you enter the event, you will be greeted by displays of their latest collection, some of my favourite designs are below Number 1 definitely goes to the Dream Catcher collection which shows spirituality, and the beauty of dreams woven into a piece of jewelry Of course, next...
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3 Apr

The Day to night lookbook

You know how many of us always find it a hassle to bring a spare change of clothing to  head out at night right after work? I know I do, and I usually wear clothes that I can transition in just by doing simple things such as adding an accessory, or simply changing my heels! Here are 4 outfits I did it with from Doublewoot! Dalfretta (Powder Blue) has a mandarin collar which is perfect for a corporate meeting, or simply for work, paired with a pair of nude heels Transformed it for night by adding a necklace from Thomas Sabo and a pair of stiletto white heels!!! You'd be surprise how far a pair of white heels can bring you! 2. Dozxis which...
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14 Mar

Sports Lookbook : From fitness to casual

Before the Big-C, exercising to me was a HUGE chore, and I would be rather annoyed with my dad when he forces me to walk or run under the HOT sun with my dog. At that point of time, I did it for my dog, rather than for myself. After the Big-C, to train, and gain muscle back, I started walking little by little in the park, followed with walking my dog, to jogging, and now I am swimmimg, and joined the gym too Curves , an all women's fitness center. Naturally, I would need the proper attired for jogging, and gym too right? So, here's my sports lookbook from Under Armour guys! Since I love blue so much, I got a matching blue...
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