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18 Jan

Good start to 2018 with The Face Shop x NCSM

It was indeed a good start to the year guys thanks to The Face Shop which held a beauty, make-up and petite bouquet making workshop for NCSM young cancer survivors group. This has been the best turnout so far, and it is clear that the group has grown and continues to grow!! Yaasss! Had the courtesy of emceeing the event Yuki, the make-up artiste teaching us how to apply skincare and make-up by putting it on the model Nicole The survivors and their plus ones having fun :) Caroline(R), and Nicole(L) with their Korean look make-up on along with mine done thanks to Yuki Group photo with everyone, and the Face shop team We also suprised Hiba, and blew a cake with her, loving the support...
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20 Nov

The significance of my 2015 Birthday

It's been a whole month since I have written in this little space and I have to apologize as I have been travelling the entire month! Two countries in one month is not a feat someone with my health should try!!!!! This month has been a month of reminisce and pondering as it has been a whole year since my last birthday month of course and also a whole year since the dreaded 2014 for me. It is also this month that I realize that I am not as strong as I want to be YET. The mind wants to do so much but the body can only do so much.. and it has taken me a whole year to realize...
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26 May

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

One of the things I have learnt alot more about since my experience with colon cancer last year is my bowel system. I guess when you are afflicted with a certain condition, you will suddenly start reading up on it, and with the help of google, many of us are more knowledgeable on the diseases and health conditions we are facing or about to face. I didn't want to share my side effects so publicly with you guys after my second surgery but since I am writing about Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), it's only fair you guys should know some the side effects I am currently facing is pretty similar to IBD patients such as the below: Increased frequency...
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22 Apr

What wearing heels mean to me – The High Heel Dash Malaysia

Many women wear high heels to "oomph" up their outfits, or for some, to make them look taller and to boost confidence because a pair of heels can actually switch an outfit from day to night. Now, imagine my dismay when my surgeon told me 2 weeks after surgery, you probably can't wear high heels for one month and it's best to NOT go to your event(a fashion event I really wanted to go too) if you are going to wear heels. I was clearly really upset because it was just this one event that I really wanted to go too, and I had the perfect dress in mind but not wearing heels will make it just look "bleh", if you...
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28 Jan

Battle Against Colon Cancer : Insurance & Colostomy Bag Challenges

Thank you once again for the overflowing prayers, blessings and messages. Your love keeps me even more positive! This post is a continuation from my first blog post of the year which you can find HERE on my discovery of having colon cancer. Truly Big HUG to all of you!!! Just to let you guys know, the percentage of a female to have colon cancer in her 20's is only 2% of the general population. In terms of statistics, I clearly am the minority 2% mentioned, and it gets worse from there because my doctor, Datuk Yunus Gul mentioned prior to my first surgery that there may be a 5% chance I would have to wear a temporary colostomy bag as my...
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