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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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The Crazy Mei Sze came out during my hen’s trip
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22 Jul

The Taboo called ‘cancer’

Recent events have encouraged me to write this post because of the challenges I've been facing due to cultural taboos. I did think more than twice on how I should write this, and whether I should or not. My intuition tells me I should and here I am writing this for those who have friends or family who is currently having cancer at a young age. I believe I have mentioned in my interviews with publications and newspapers that I felt very ALONE while I was wearing the colostomy bag, and even during recovery. I've searched online countless times for a support group in Malaysia because I wanted to speak to someone MY age who was going through this. However, most...
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3 Feb

CNY lookbook : Coloured series

Chinese New Year is truly just around the corner and I thought I should share the 2nd half of my Chinese New Year lookbook with you. These outfits are a little unconventional for those who still want to look 'ong' yet want to wear darker colors. I really like some of these outfits because there's a mix of everything like the previous one and I am sure you guys can get a good idea on how to style your own look too. The Cheongsam - I originally bought this to emcee an event as their corporate colors were blue, but the theme did not end up suitable for me to adorn this pretty cheongsam. T.T. Don't worry, I will be wearing it...
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7 Oct

Sightseeing in Jeju

I know many of you are heading to South Korea, be it Seoul, Busan or Jeju Island! Well, I am sharing with you my itinerary for one full day at Jeju Island..which I believe you might be interesting for some of you.. We hired a cab driver to take us around because that is cheaper than taking a cab from place to place, or taking the bus because that is extremely time consuming! First stop was the  Cheonjiyeon Waterfall which was lovely.. Do be careful of the rocks when you try to get a closer look and picture of yourself.. I wore slippers, so that was pretty difficult! Next to it is the columnar Basalts - Jusangjeolli which tells you the story of the...
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