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28 Dec

The growth of the Young cancer survivors group

One of my biggest challenges as the youth ambassador of NCSM was to grow the young cancer survivors group. Not only is cancer a cultural taboo to even mention in Malaysia, but parents are stopping their children from coming back to the group. I started off so enthusiastic, as you can read HERE But after the first year, I realize the challenges I faced and spoke to some of them who joined. Once I understood the issued, I knew the only way was to continue reaching out through social media and buid a core community to talk about the struggles and triumphants we face as young cancer survivors. It worked! And the group has grown to 70 people strong with all of them...
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27 Apr

Cancer drains everyone and everything!

Cancer drains everyone and everything! When I first met Staci after correspondence between the both of us for 2 months, she gave me a smile, and she was so cheerful. Standing in front of me was a 25 year old colorectal cancer PATIENT that showed no sign that she was undergoing chemotherapy, and recently underwent a major surgery to remove parts of her colon(a colectomy surgery). I was so thankful for her sharing her story, and joining the #sharestrength movement by writing about her story in her own blog upon being diagnosed. Not only that, she agreed to be a part of the second series of Ä New Norm, now called the Awakening! She was so cheerful, and sharing about her...
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