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When a promise is not fulfilled because of cancer
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13 Sep

Do your bit for charity – The Therapy First Serum by The Face Shop

The Face Shop has just relaunched their Therapy First Serum which is pretty much a miraculous product! Not only have they relaunched it, but with a good cause attached to it. You can be a beauty and support on a cause on top of that too *wink* . I'm all onboard this because the aim for the cause is to raise cancer awareness as any purchase of the bottle of The Therapy First Serum (RM148.29), RM15 will be donated to a cancer organization AND you get another The Therapy First Serum! What this means is that it's Buy ONE, get the 2nd one FREE, you will get a pouch(pic below), and part of the proceeds(RM15) goes to support a cancer...
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2 Apr

Healthy diet for cancer patients and survivors

A healthy diet is something I preach every single day to everyone around me ( I apologize if I nag sometimes), but YOU are what YOU eat! Of course, it got me thinking along the lines of sharing it with the other young cancer survivors and patients as we have a whole life ahead of us, and we have to prevent a relapse from happeming. Plus, learning how to cook our own meals means that we know exactly what we are putting in our mouths. That's exactly what happened, NCSM along with Panasonic Malaysia organized a cooking class with a healthy 3 course meal for our young cancer patients and survivors support group. They could bring their caretakers along to learn as...
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4 Jan

Donations achieved for the National Cancer society of Malaysia

If you guys recall my project last year in raising cancer awareness and donations for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia's first cancer information system(a hotline you can call to enquire about anything related to cancer), I am so happy to announce that we've reached the target of 50,000 SHARES and LIKES and more! Not only did we achieve 50,000 which means RM50,000 to NCSM but RM52,000 was donated by Axa Affin Life Berhad because there were more shares and likes! I would like to personally thank everyone who SHARED, and LIKED the postings. Not forgetting those cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers who bared their stories to all of us, a heartfel THANK YOU  from lil ol me :) Shooting the last...
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7 Jun

When your dreams are ruined because of cancer

Pledge and Share For every share, AXA AFFIN will donate RM1 to National Cancer Society Malaysia.   Allen, then 29 had saved up enough money to open a café with his friends, he was stoked that his dreams were about to come true! The only thing puzzling him was the fact that he kept having severe gastric pains. Initially, he went to see a Chinese doctor, and started taking herbs which helped the pain, but it would come back. His girlfriend made him see a specialist, and that’s when his café dreams suddenly seem so far away! He was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, which showed that it has already spread to his lymph nodes, lungs, and liver. He had to have immediate surgery...
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16 May

A full life as a mother after having cancer

I have met Pei Shan since getting together with Ben, as they were close friends, and he did mentioned to me before that Pei Shan used to have cancer. Of course back then, I didn’t want to pry too much as Ben didn’t know too much as well. It must have been a true coincidence that Pei Shan recently contacted Ben for assistance on a matter, and when he went to see her, he saw her with her two lovely boys, Lucas, and Liam! He came back very inspired, and told me, “Loo Pei Shan is one amazing person, how she can laugh, and smile and truly act like no cares in the world after experiencing cancer and it’s treatment!’’ A sneak...
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28 Jan

First Episode: A new Norm – Understanding

Words cannot describe how I feel right now as this post is the THE launch post for my web series. It took me 6 months to write about my experience with the Big-C, and 1.5 years to take the guts to share it publicly in person, details I have never shared before. In conjunction with World Cancer Day on February 4th, this web series  along with my #sharestrength movementsis launched in partnership with Suppagood collective Why the #sharestrength movement and what is it? It is basically a movement I started a couple of months back after seeing the overwhelming response from all around the world (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and even the United States) after I shared my story. Thanks to your feedbacks, comments,...
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