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3 Mar

Meiz Travels : Experience in Koh Lipe

My first trip of the year was to Koh Lipe for some much needed R & R. The question that comes to mind is what to do when you are there correct? For me, all I wanted to do was swim, read a book and relax BUT that didn't happen. Why? The JOURNEY there was quite difficult as there's no direct flights, you would need to fly to Langkawi and then take a ferry from Langkawi to Koh Lipe. The thing about that is that when you arrive in Koh Lipe, there's no proper dock and you would need to transfer ALL your bags from the ferry into a 'sampan' or a longtail boat. From there, you will then need...
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8 May

Casual beach wear lookbook

As I am such a beach bunny(can't stay away from the beach for too long), it's time to have a lookbook on the casual styles you can wear while you are at the beach be it for reading, or simply enjoying the view. The resort arrival look. Yes, you are sitting that boat/airplane to your beach destination.. why not be fashionable while you are at it? For me, all I did was pair a loose comfy pants for Dorothy Perkin's Spring/Summer 2016 collection with a one sided shoulder top, and voila, you've got the 'I am going for a beach vacation' look. You can accessories with sunnies and a pair of earrings too. 2. The walk on the beach look -...
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23 Mar

Accommodation & what I did in Maldives

How many of us have got a travel bucket list with Maldives included? I bet many right?!?! And as Maldives is an expensive place to go especially for Malaysians, never in my life would I think that I was going to be there so soon!!! Thanks to Ben, he wanted to fulfill my dreams of going to Maldives, and we did just that early March 2016! We went under the Club Med Kani package which includes food, drinks, accomodation and some activities such as sailing, snorkeling, beach volleyball,etc so that really helped us in terms of not having to pay for food and drinks which is really pricey! Here's my account of the accomodation in Club Med Kani (the trident area) which...
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30 Sep

That Much Needed Beach Vacation – Krabi

It's that time of the year where projects are piling up, events are at its peak(which means loads of event attendance or emceeing), and you have no time for yourself to relax! For me, when things like that happen, I will slot in a quick beach vacation to relax instead of feeling overwhelmed and that's exactly what I did! I went to Krabi where everything is affordable and the beach is nice :) This trip was also part of an incentive trip with the PersonEdge team for them to getaway too! We were welcomed at Beyond Krabi resort with a drink and fresh fruits Was the rainy season BUT I was truly lucky to have 2 days of sun out of 3 Our beachfront...
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17 Jan

Krabi Highlights – Part 1

Being the rebel that I am, when everyone was working, Ben and I decided to go on a short holiday to Krabi, a location of sun, sand, beach, and smiles :) For those who would like to traverse there in the near future, here are some of the recommended places to eat, stay, and DO, besides just chilling at the beach all day long of course...
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