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18 Oct

Trip to Busan

As a Huge FAN of Train to Busan, Ben and I definitely had to take the trip to Busan with a train right? We stopped at Seoul first for a couple of days and got the train to Busan. You are wondering how I did it? I bought it online, my Korean friend Jasmin helped me though. However, you can also buy it yourself at the station. On the tracks, just make sure you go to the right one Such a comfortable journey. There are toilets on the train. We stayed at the a hotel on Heundae Beach which is perfect if you want to walk around at night As I was craving waffles, and we were lucky there was a juice and dessert...
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7 Oct

Sightseeing in Jeju

I know many of you are heading to South Korea, be it Seoul, Busan or Jeju Island! Well, I am sharing with you my itinerary for one full day at Jeju Island..which I believe you might be interesting for some of you.. We hired a cab driver to take us around because that is cheaper than taking a cab from place to place, or taking the bus because that is extremely time consuming! First stop was the  Cheonjiyeon Waterfall which was lovely.. Do be careful of the rocks when you try to get a closer look and picture of yourself.. I wore slippers, so that was pretty difficult! Next to it is the columnar Basalts - Jusangjeolli which tells you the story of the...
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